Will Carlin

Will’s World: The Fade

By Will Carlin Ten years ago, I had a conversation with James Willstrop—the future number one player in the world. James explained how hard it is for spectators to really understand a squash match between top pros, that the game had so many levels of subtlety that even good players don’t really see all the […]

Mr. Weymuller

By Will Carlin When I was eleven years old, I thought that wearing a Captain Kirk uniform to school was pretty cool. I was sure that stealing Jenny Durst’s shoe would get her to like me. My favorite sandwich was peanut butter with raisins, Red Hot cinnamon candies, and sprinkles. I was a strange kid. […]

Will’s World: White Elephant

by Will Carlin In 624 BC, Nepal was called Lumbini. The king of one of Lumbini’s tribes was a warrior named Suddhodana. Known as the “King of Law,” Suddhodana reigned according to the rule of the land, and he was widely honored and respected for his fairness and judgment—both by his tribe, the Sakyas, and […]

Will’s World: Take Note

By Will Carlin My high school squash notebook looks like a rainbow. For some unremembered reason, I was rigorous about keeping my notes in a different color each day. Not just any color: they had to proceed systematically according to the color of the rainbow. Red one day, orange the next. Yellow followed by green […]

Lighting Up Blue

By Will Carlin Rich Furman likes to fish. An architect by trade, Rich is a fifty-something squash coach with grey eyes that sometimes turn piercing blue, a ponytail and goatee, and a very lean build that serves him well both on the squash court and on the deck of a fishing boat. In the northeast, […]

Staying Alive

By Will Carlin Frenchman Mathieu Castagnet was tired. His opponent, Englishman Daryl Selby, knew this, and so perhaps he can be forgiven for being certain he’d won a point during a second-round match at the Windy City Open in Chicago. He just didn’t count on Castagnet pulling off one of the greatest recoveries of all […]

Will’s World: Ring in the New

You may have heard the news last month: squash is once again shortlisted for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. We have been down this road before. Perhaps because of the high expectations, enormous disappointment, and lingering heartbreak from missing out on a place on the program for the 2020 Olympic Games […]

Will’s World: Loss Avoidance

By Will Carlin At a few minutes before 5pm on a September Saturday in 2011, Novak Djokovic was facing double match point against Roger Federer in the U.S. Open semifinals. Novak Djokovic clenched his jaw, nodded his head and bent down into a crouch to return serve. At the same stage of the previous year’s […]

Will’s World: Sniff it Out

By Will Carlin Some matches were blowouts; others were excruciatingly close. Some matches were filled with incredibly hard hitting; others were played with an inordinate number of deft drop shots and sky high lobs. Some matches featured regular rallies of thirty or more; others had few rallies of more than a couple of shots. But […]