Will Carlin

Will’s World: Sniff it Out

By Will Carlin Some matches were blowouts; others were excruciatingly close. Some matches were filled with incredibly hard hitting; others were played with an inordinate number of deft drop shots and sky high lobs. Some matches featured regular rallies of thirty or more; others had few rallies of more than a couple of shots. But […]

Will’s World 2014 The Year of Champions

2014: The Year of Champions By Will Carlin The end of the year in squash featured two of the most stunning matches in history at the men’s and women’s world championships. The two players who emerged triumphant are two of the most celebrated players in squash today. The year was filled with notable results from […]

Will’s World Invisible Gorilla

By Will Carlin In 1999, Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris conducted an experiment that featured a short video of two groups of three people passing around a basketball. In the video, one of the groups wears black t-shirts and the other wears white. Each of the groups has its own basketball and group members pass the […]

Will’s World Peer Power

By Will Carlin We all want to belong. Perhaps in high school no one feels totally comfortable; I was no exception. I loved learning. It almost didn’t matter the topic; if there were a great teacher, the subject automatically became interesting. I did lots of the extra reading, and I sometimes met with faculty members after school […]

Will’s World One More Point

By Will Carlin I was hurting. Badly. It was a summer tournament, and it was hot. My soaked shirt clung to my torso, and the grip of my racquet was so slippery that I was having trouble keeping it from twisting in my hand. My shoes were beginning to squish as my sweat had saturated […]

Will’s World Seven Faults

By Will Carlin In the fall of 1962, John McPhee got a phone call from his father. McPhee was not yet the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer he would later become; in fact, he had not yet written his first book. McPhee’s father, on the other hand, was already retired from his career as a physician to college athletes, mostly at Princeton University. He knew athletic talent […]

Will’s World Two of a Kind

By Will Carlin Amr Shabana was walking away from me. The Maestro, as he is called by PSA Squash TV commentators Joey Barrington and Paul Johnson, had just won the semifinals of the 2014 Tournament of Champions, and I was supposed to jump on court and interview him after his win over James Willstrop, but he was too quick and he was already off court and […]

Will Carlin’s Experience With Being Hit

At the request of Randy Kahn in the Southwest SRA, Will Carlin was asked to write an open letter to their membership two years after he suffered a devastating eye injury in court. Below is an edited (for length) reprint of that letter: October 20, 1994 As many of you know, in May 1992, I was […]

Will’s World The Simpson Paradox

By Will Carlin Nicolas Mueller is the best Swiss squash player ever. This past April, he became Switzerland’s highest-ranked player ever (No. 20 in the world) and, a week later, won his seventh consecutive Swiss National Championship. In 2013, he had wins over Ong Beng Hee, Marwan Elshorbagy, Tom Richards, and Arturo Salazar. He played Amr Shabana three times, Gregory Gaultier twice and Ramy Ashour once, […]