Teaching the Game: Women & Squash

By James Zug Photography by Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com It was a Sunday in the winter. Chris Brownell was giving squash lessons. She taught all afternoon, working with youngsters, teenagers, adults. She wore a black shirt and black shorts and a big white watch on her freckled wrist. She was encouraging and forceful. “You’d have a […]

Understanding Carbs: Maximizing Performance

by Candace H. Chemtob, MS, RD, LD, CSSD As discussed in last month’s article, carbohydrates are the preferred fuel of high intensity sports. Popular fad diets, such as Paleo, Grain Brain, or gluten free diets, promote low carbohydrate diets. When dietary carbohydrates are limited, athletic performance is compromised. Winning eating strategies strive to increase “carbohydrate […]

Will’s World: Hard to Say Goodbye

I’m not sure if you know me,” he said to me in the corridor of the hotel. “I’m Jay  Prince.” I was on the Executive Committee at the time, and Jay was introducing himself to me the night before he would give a presentation to the Executive Committee about why he was interested in becoming […]

90 Seconds With…Campbell Grayson

SM: What do you miss most about New Zealand? CG: I’ve been based in Manhattan for a little over a year. I miss my family and friends. It’s a beautiful country so I miss the scenery; the mountains and beaches, and the sort of laid back and relaxed lifestyle. But I’m enjoying New York right […]

Travel to My Hometown

Travel to My Hometown: Guernsey By Chris Simpson The best place to play squash in Guernsey is at the leisure center, Beau Sejour. There’s a great squash community on the island with keen players at all levels. If you are visiting the island and fancy a game be sure to contact Guernsey Squash, and they can […]

Pan American Games—Medals of Every Hue

By Chris McClintick Photos by Paige Stewart   “In an indifferent Toronto, the Pan Am Games Land With a Thud,” read a headline in The New York Times one day before the quadrennial Games’ opening ceremony. Earlier that week, Toronto’s Mayor John Tory even voiced frustration with his city’s lacking reception of the games. “I […]

90 Seconds With…Chris Hanson

Squash Magazine: What’s it like being a lefty? Chris Hanson: I’d say it’s pretty awesome. I feel like I have a big advantage over a lot of righties on tour. I have yet to figure out what that advantage actually is and make use of it, but it’s in the works. SM: What’s your greatest […]

A Look Back

Fifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine March 2000 Gary Waite, as hinted in James Zug’s profile, did switch over to team up with Damien Mudge on the pro doubles tour, becoming one of the most dominant partnerships in history. He left the University Club of New York in 2001 and returned to Toronto. In 2007 […]

Keep Eyes on Ball

By Pierre Bastien, Squash Equipment Blogger at squashsource.com What do your eyes have in common with socks, skis and chopsticks? They work best in pairs. If you’re a squash player, be smart and protect your eyes: wear protective goggles every time you step on court. They only cost $20 or so, and there are tons of […]