Tips from the Pros

The Lob

By Lynn Leong, U.S. Junior Women’s Assistant National Coach In March, I wrote about the boast. While it is one of my favorite shots, the lob is another under-appreciated tool in a squash player’s arsenal. The lob can be used to slow the game down when you find yourself under pressure because it gives you […]

Yoga & Squash

By Peter Nicol I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to my physical conditioning—focusing day-to-day and/or week-by-week with my preparation and recovery. I was not always this way; when I was a professional my regime was long-term, unwavering, and there was always plenty of time allocated to training. However, since I now spend my time focused […]

Squash Technique, Breaking Through The Levels

By Natalie Grainger Last month, we introduced a new LessonCourt series to help you break through different skill levels. The approach with this will be to look closely at specific techniques and strategies that can be improved upon to climb through the skill level divisions. This month, we take a step back to give more […]

Breaking Through the Levels: Squash Movement

by Scott Devoy 3.0 Players starting out at the 3.0 level tend to spend a lot of time so focused on the ball that they chase it all over the court. This leads to over-running the ball, getting too close and a lot of situations where players, run, stop and then try to hit a […]

More Reasons for Camp

By Richard Millman, Director of Squash, Kiawah Island Club Continuing with last month’s introduction to summer squash camps, here are a few more great reasons to go camping. If court time and practice are more your priority, choose a program where there are people of your own level to play with and where there is […]