Coach and Player: Be Open to Learning

By Peter Nicol I had a fascinating couple of days recently when I went to Boston to film footage for with Mike Way (Harvard Coach) and Thierry Lincou (MIT Coach and former World No.1). What struck me was their enthusiasm and interest in everything to do with the game. Mike has vast experience with […]

Staying Focused

By Peter Nicol Whatever the reason for a loss, I always hear, “I lost my focus,” “the referee was to blame,” or some such lament. So, how do you remain focused while your heart rate peaks, the referee gives bad decisions or your opponent is outplaying you at that moment? Not easy, but that is […]

Swing Size

By Peter Nicol Using the correct length of swing is essential for both shot execution and deception. Which swing to use and when is the issue that is constantly evolving throughout a match because it depends on so many factors. Understanding what you are capable of and the best possible swing length to use in […]

Motivating Oneself to Stay in Shape to Play

By Peter Nicol In the last year I turned 41, moved to New York and had a baby, alongside starting a new business and continuing my work with SquashSkills. What suffered was my fitness (waistline!) and squash—leaving me achy in my knees and hips followed by constant discomfort in my back and shoulders. I knew that […]

Margins Between Winning & Losing

By Peter Nicol The differences between player standards are so fine that even having a forehand that is 5% worse than your opponent can mean an almost certain outcome every time—losing the match. We often spend time working on improving technically and physically. However, tactical and mental practice is often left behind. This is an […]

Different Strokes For Different Folks!

By Peter Nicol Having just played in two Legends of Squash events with the best players of a generation, I was struck by how different each player was. Their personalities were so varied and, therefore, the way they played squash was too. This makes a mockery of ever thinking there is one style or technique of how to play the game […]

Movement and Shot Mechanics: Full Court Press!

By Richard Millman Continuing with the subject of movement on court, let’s turn our attention to the “Full Court Press.” This term, often used in basketball but used in practice in many sports, refers to the pressure applied by denying time to the opponent. In soccer this practice is also used to great affect against […]

The Lob

By Lynn Leong, U.S. Junior Women’s Assistant National Coach In March, I wrote about the boast. While it is one of my favorite shots, the lob is another under-appreciated tool in a squash player’s arsenal. The lob can be used to slow the game down when you find yourself under pressure because it gives you […]

Attacking the Back Court

By Peter Nicol I was always classed as a defensive, counter-attacking player. However, this was not how I saw myself at all—well not exactly. I understood that my best way of competing and beating other top players was to use my strengths and protect my weak areas. Sounds obvious but if I played a lower […]