By Richard Millman We are still very early in the exploration of squash as a sport. We have only been playing since the 1850s. When you compare a century and a half to the long history of mathematics, astronomy, law, medicine or physics, you can see that we are still fumbling around trying to identify […]

The Mathamatics of the Fade

By Richard Millman Recently I’ve gotten into doing commentary for the streaming of some of the US Squash’s events. One particular criticism about my commentary has resonated with me. The comment was “Mathematics. What does mathematics got to do with squash?” First and foremost, the preparation of the racquet solicits the subconscious mind to visualize […]

Doubles: Let the Ball Go

By Suzie Pierrepont I hated squash doubles when I first tried it. I hated the way the ball came off my racquet with no control and the way the ball bounced at the back of the court. I hated how my backhand volley drop would land five feet above the tin or hit the floor, […]

The Social Comparison Trap

By Amy Gross, Peak Performance & Mental Coach We all know the social comparison game. We fall into the trap of evaluating our skills and progress by how we stack up against others. We rely on external sources to validate our self-worth. While you cannot completely escape social comparisons, you can practice implementing strategies that […]

The Importance of Player Contracts for Parents and Juniors

by Mitchell Greene, Ph.D., Sport Psychologist The biggest change in my sport psychology practice from ten years ago to now is the number of requests I receive to work with squash players twelve and younger. They are, for the most part, highly ranked, very well adjusted, and excited to practice and compete. Yet, with the […]

Understanding the Human Machine

By Richard Millman As I have said before, I believe that our sport is in the very early stages of its development and we, its students, are somewhat akin to the doctors of the middle ages, attempting to fathom mysteries as yet un-proven. Hopefully we don’t just bleed or stick leeches on the ills that […]

Learning from the Best

By Peter Nicol MBE, I am in the lucky position of dealing with the best coaches and players in the world while arranging and filming content for Prior to filming, I go through the content the coaches/players want to convey and package these into segments that work best for the platform. During this process I […]

What to Work on Leading Into the New Season

By Peter Nicol I have always been a proponent of focusing on areas of your game that need the most amount work. However, more recently I have started to understand that this is not always the best solution for everyone and working on areas of your game that are strong gives confidence and mentally prepares you […]

Making The Shift

By Peter Nicol   The player recently that has made the most dramatic rise in the world rankings is Miguel Angel Rodriquez. Up until just a short time ago, Miguel was an exceptional squash player but had not made the progress into the very top of the sport. I would love to hear from Miguel […]