The Importance of Player Contracts for Parents and Juniors

by Mitchell Greene, Ph.D., Sport Psychologist The biggest change in my sport psychology practice from ten years ago to now is the number of requests I receive to work with squash players twelve and younger. They are, for the most part, highly ranked, very well adjusted, and excited to practice and compete. Yet, with the […]

Confidence in his drop shot may leave James Willstrop unprepared for the counter attack.

Understanding the Human Machine

By Richard Millman As I have said before, I believe that our sport is in the very early stages of its development and we, its students, are somewhat akin to the doctors of the middle ages, attempting to fathom mysteries as yet un-proven. Hopefully we don’t just bleed or stick leeches on the ills that […]

Coach Paul Assaiante understands that the mental aspect of squash is often ore important than the technical.

Learning from the Best

By Peter Nicol MBE, I am in the lucky position of dealing with the best coaches and players in the world while arranging and filming content for Prior to filming, I go through the content the coaches/players want to convey and package these into segments that work best for the platform. During this process I […]

Peter Nicol

What to Work on Leading Into the New Season

By Peter Nicol I have always been a proponent of focusing on areas of your game that need the most amount work. However, more recently I have started to understand that this is not always the best solution for everyone and working on areas of your game that are strong gives confidence and mentally prepares you […]

While Colombia’s Miguel Angel Rodriguez has always been known for his phenomenal athletic ability and dazzling shotmaking, what has catapulted him up the rankings over the past two years is his improved focus and attention to the details of being patient and emphasizing the fundamentals of the game.

Making The Shift

By Peter Nicol   The player recently that has made the most dramatic rise in the world rankings is Miguel Angel Rodriquez. Up until just a short time ago, Miguel was an exceptional squash player but had not made the progress into the very top of the sport. I would love to hear from Miguel […]

Coaches who watch and learn from other players and coaches can provide far more than simple advice during match play. Rather than coaching one particular way to move on court, these coaches have an arsenal of options for players to put to use depending on their opponent. This can alleviate stress that may build during matches by helping players with critical adjustments.

Coach and Player: Be Open to Learning

By Peter Nicol I had a fascinating couple of days recently when I went to Boston to film footage for with Mike Way (Harvard Coach) and Thierry Lincou (MIT Coach and former World No.1). What struck me was their enthusiasm and interest in everything to do with the game. Mike has vast experience with […]

In the 1998 Commonwealth Games gold medal match, played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Peter Nicol dropped the opening game to Jonathon Power, but stayed focused for the duration and captured gold in five grueling games

Staying Focused

By Peter Nicol Whatever the reason for a loss, I always hear, “I lost my focus,” “the referee was to blame,” or some such lament. So, how do you remain focused while your heart rate peaks, the referee gives bad decisions or your opponent is outplaying you at that moment? Not easy, but that is […]

Depending on the situation, there are reasons for adapting your swing size. A high backswing and follow through (like John White's forehand, above) is a good choice when you have plenty of time to play the ball

Swing Size

By Peter Nicol Using the correct length of swing is essential for both shot execution and deception. Which swing to use and when is the issue that is constantly evolving throughout a match because it depends on so many factors. Understanding what you are capable of and the best possible swing length to use in […]

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Motivating Oneself to Stay in Shape to Play

By Peter Nicol In the last year I turned 41, moved to New York and had a baby, alongside starting a new business and continuing my work with SquashSkills. What suffered was my fitness (waistline!) and squash—leaving me achy in my knees and hips followed by constant discomfort in my back and shoulders. I knew that […]