PRO-file: Aisling Blake

Aisling Blake: Bay Club San Francisco The first person I ever hit a squash ball with was probably one of my brothers—I have three—under duress on their part I’m sure. There are great similarities in the competitiveness and camaraderie at tournaments in the U.S. and Ireland. The difference here is the emphasis placed on ranking […]

SPAtlight: Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas: Santa Barbara Athletic Club I learned to play in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I remember sitting in awe between Geoff Hunt and Jahangir Khan in what was then the Salisbury Sport Club locker room before they teed off on each other. Then after my family immigrated to rural Pennsylvania squash was no longer […]

SPAtlight: Lauren Patrizio Xaba

Lauren Patrizio Xaba –Executive Director, Squash Drive, San Francisco, CA I’m originally from Philadelphia. The first person l played squash with was Bill Lane. I played one day of hard ball and then switched to softball. I have been on the west coast for 13 years now. The squash culture on the east coast and west […]

SPA-tlight: Lyall Paterson

Lyall Paterson: Head Coach, Scozzie Squash, King of Prussia, PA I was born and raised in a small town called Stonehaven, in the North of Scotland, the same region as Peter Nicol. In the summer of 1997, aged nine, I was asked for a game of ‘squash’ by my next door neighbor and best friend. […]

SPA-tlight: Luke Butterworth

Going into this year’s High School Championships not being the defending champions doesn’t mean the spotlight is now off our team. There is always the element of expectation that the team will be there or there about at the end of the season. We are always a strong force at the nationals and this year […]


Celia Allamargot Head Squash Coach, Sacred Heart Greenwich, Greenwhich CT There are quite a few differences between squash here in the U.S. and in France.The first one that comes to my mind is between turning pro or going to college. In France, every top junior wants to become a professional and play on the tour as soon as […]


Julieanne Harris Philadelphia Cricket Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania What in squash has changed the most in your time in the game? The entire style of play has changed. Changes in the scoring system have shortened the length of rallies and the overall match length. Technology has brought about many changes to the game of squash. Lightweight […]

SPA-tlight: Catalina Pelaez

  How did you pick up squash growing up in Colombia? No one in my family had ever played and none of my friends practiced it, but one day at our club, Club Los Arrayanes, with my brother and two other friends, we decided to try out squash. My brother and I liked the game […]

SPA-light: Carl Baglio

Carol Baglio, University Club of New York When did you first start playing squash doubles? I used to dabble around with doubles for fun as a junior in Canada but nothing too serious. I played the intercollegiate championships a couple of times while at Trinity in the early 2000s, but I didn’t really get serious […]