Richard Millman

The Difference Between “Building” and “Forcing”

by Richard Millman Squash enjoys the patronage of people of all ages, skill levels, genders, nationalities and, to some degree, a broad range of the physical and mental spectrum of human beings. No matter what group you belong to, the learning curve in squash necessarily takes us through steep ups and downs as we progress […]

Understanding the Human Machine

By Richard Millman As I have said before, I believe that our sport is in the very early stages of its development and we, its students, are somewhat akin to the doctors of the middle ages, attempting to fathom mysteries as yet un-proven. Hopefully we don’t just bleed or stick leeches on the ills that […]

Psychological Strategy – The Key to the Game

By Richard Millman As I have said before in this column, it is my belief that currently, we are still in the very early stages of development of this wonderful sport of ours. In my program, ‘The Millman Experience,’ I am wont to tell many and varied anecdotes in illustration of the points that I try to get across […]

Two-Ball Feeds – A Wonderful World of Practices for Three Players

By Richard Millman If you are working on your game and you have a couple of friends who are just as enthusiastic, two-ball feed drills are a marvelous discipline to help move your game forward. As the name suggests two balls are used, one on the right side and one on the left. One player […]

Elementary, My Dear Watson: Fundamentals and How Simple isn’t Always Easy

By Richard Millman Sir Conan Doyle’s great detective Sherlock Holmes was wont to use his favorite throw away line: ‘Elementary, my dear Watson!’ on occasions when his sidekick finally understood how Holmes had solved the crime, or mystery, of the day. And yet Holmes’ reasoning wasn’t entirely obvious. So what did Holmes mean by ‘Elementary?’ […]

Breathing and Relaxing During Play

By Richard Millman Our wonderful game is filled with nuance and subtlety—enough to last a lifetime. As you work on developing your game, especially if you are fortunate enough to have access to an expert coach, you will often spend time working on the finer details and challenging techniques. Equally, you will be confronted by […]

Mantras: The “Crown Jewels” of Self Speak

By Richard Millman Competitive squash is a kaleidoscope of variables—technical, physical, tactical and emotional. The complexities of dealing with these areas are a challenge for all of us who profess to be avid participants in our game. The glue that keeps mind body and soul together in this venture, provided that we have trained, practiced […]

Survival: The Vital Principal of Squash

By Richard Millman Recently I hosted one of my intensive training weekends at Meadow Mill Athletic Club in Baltimore. In the course of the program, one of my students—an eminent lawyer who trains young lawyers—posed an interesting question to me. His question was prompted by my assertion that the most important priority of a human […]

Squash Players The Ultimate Goal Keepers

By Richard Millman Our sport is a modern reflection of the very primeval attitudes and instincts that have allowed us to get this far in our history. Our two essential survival sensory systems—namely primary  focus  and peripheral awareness—constantly combine to allow us to maintain our relationship with the ball and a continual reconnaissance of our environment and […]