Richard Eaton

Ashour Ascends to Greatness

By Richard Eaton Take a man who isn’t sure he will ever be fit enough to play top squash again, and fly him to Delaware for plasma rich platelet injections for a last ditch remedy for his chronically troublesome hamstrings. Then have him convalesce in New York and keep him away from the pro circuit […]

David Extends Record in Greatest World Final Yet

By Richard Eaton One little incident during Nicol David’s unforgettable recapture of the world title in Cairo was so prematurely revealing that it may pass into sporting folklore. The most successful player in the history of the game was trailing by two games to one against the gifted home hope Raneem El Welily, amidst a […]

Ripples From Philadelphia to Hull

by Richard Eaton It felt as though the splash created at the U.S. Open, by awarding equal prize money to women, had sent ripples all the way across the Atlantic to the world’s most venerable tournament. The ninety-two-year-old British Open saw Nicol David get back on track as a world-beater by regaining the title, but […]

Was This The Biggest Shock of All?

By Richard Eaton Photos Courtesy: Lynn Khoo Is it the beginning of the end for the highest profile player of all time? The question had been regarded by many as unthinkable but it certainly entered a few people’s minds after the relentlessly feted Nicol David suffered one of the biggest shocks of all time. World champion a record seven times, apparently the […]

Matthew Achieves One of the Great Surprises

By Richard Eaton Photos by Steve Line/ It was one of the three or four greatest World Championships surprises of all time. Those who witnessed the U.S. Open final only sixteen days before might rate it rarer even than that. The courage and discipline that carried Nick Matthew to a highly charged victory over Gregory […]

Ashour The Happiest Moment of His Life

By Richard Eaton Photos by Steve Line/ There were many well-publicized reasons why Ramy Ashour’s capture of the British Open title—at a pioneering outdoor venue in Hull City’s soccer stadium—has carried him further along the road to greatness. But one of the reasons was hidden. Quite possibly the most important one. Much news was made […]

Massaro British Queen

By Richard Eaton Photos by Steve Line/ There was a throw-away hint as to why the world’s most successful squash player might suffer her most startling defeat in four years, not long before the British Open began. It was uttered by her coach Liz Irving, when asked if Nicol David’s great ambassadorial efforts for squash’s […]

World Title Highlights Ramys’s Career Rescue, Men’s World Open

By Richard Eaton Photos by Steve Line/ Ramy Ashour’s recapture of the world title amidst the soaring city of Doha completed a shift in power at the top of the game and highlighted a pilgrimage of rescue for the sport’s most entertaining player. A few years ago Doha was little more than a small town […]

Seven Signals Change for David, Women’s World Open

By Richard Eaton A few days after Nicol David had extended her record of World Open titles to seven it emerged just how much of a watershed in her career this latest success might be. Instead of travelling from Grand Cayman in the Caribbean to her own island idyll of Penang for Christmas, David went […]