Professional Squash

Ripples From Philadelphia to Hull

by Richard Eaton It felt as though the splash created at the U.S. Open, by awarding equal prize money to women, had sent ripples all the way across the Atlantic to the world’s most venerable tournament. The ninety-two-year-old British Open saw Nicol David get back on track as a world-beater by regaining the title, but […]

Was This The Biggest Shock of All?

By Richard Eaton Photos Courtesy: Lynn Khoo Is it the beginning of the end for the highest profile player of all time? The question had been regarded by many as unthinkable but it certainly entered a few people’s minds after the relentlessly feted Nicol David suffered one of the biggest shocks of all time. World champion a record seven times, apparently the […]

The Moose is Still Loose: Mike Corren, the All-Time Great You’ve Never Heard of

By James Zug Look at the list of top eight title winners in the world: seven of the best players ever and a guy the casual observer hasn’t heard of. It’s Mike Corren, the Australian known universally by the nickname Moose. He’s reached 38 in the world; he’s ranked 78 right now. He’s also the […]

Gilly Lane US Squash USOC Athlete of the Year

Reviving an award won by the likes of Mark Talbott, Demer Holleran, and Marty Clark for the first time in thirteen years, the US Squash National Teams Committee nominated F. Gilpin “Gilly” Lane for the 2013 United States Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year Award for the most outstanding performance by a Team USA player in international competition. Each year, the […]

Queens and Princes at Grand Central

By James Zug The eightieth J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions will be remembered for the long-awaited arrival of a queen and the wildly exaggerated, misreported demise of a prince. Nicol David had done everything in the game of squash, except play a competitive point at the most iconic squash tournament in the world. This year […]

PSA World Series Finals

By Jay D. Prince The PSA World Series Finals are coming to the United States for the first time, to be staged in Richmond, Virginia, at the Westwood Club, March 15-19, 2014. First held as the Super Series Finals in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1993 and 1994, the end of season championship event of the PSA world tour has been […]

Will’s World Two of a Kind

By Will Carlin Amr Shabana was walking away from me. The Maestro, as he is called by PSA Squash TV commentators Joey Barrington and Paul Johnson, had just won the semifinals of the 2014 Tournament of Champions, and I was supposed to jump on court and interview him after his win over James Willstrop, but he was too quick and he was already off court and […]

The Top: Winningest National Champions

Pricey Heads Home

By Chris McClintick Photos by SDA Squash was the last thing on Paul Price’s mind the week after a five-game loss to Mudge & Gould in the final of the 2014 Putnam Pro-Am. He was more concerned with last-minute wedding details, for which he and his Canadian fiancée, Kyla, would soon be flying to Mexico. Such has been the […]