Pierre Bastien

Squash Doubles Racquets

by Pierre Bastien Hardball doubles is a gem of a sport with an avid fan base throughout North America. It’s incredibly fun and full of interesting variations you don’t see in squash singles. The patterns of play are much different in doubles than they are in singles. For one thing, you have a teammate, who […]

What to Pack for a Squash Tournament

By Pierre Bastien Last summer, I traveled down to Charlottesville to play in the 2018 World Masters, which were being held for the first time in the United States. The University of Virginia hosted 600 players from around the world at the McArthur Squash Center and Boar’s Head Inn. I had a major packing challenge […]

Dealing with Squash Shoe Odor

By Pierre Bastien, squash equipment blogger at squashsource.com “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” —Sun Tzu You may think your faithful squash equipment correspondent is prone to wandering aimlessly. In one issue I’m talking about squash racquets. In another it’s shoes, or goggles, or whatever. Pages of ink have […]

Tools of the Trade

Which squash racquets and shoes were the pros using at this year’s FS Investments U.S. Open? Raneem El Welily — Champion Racket: Harrow Vapor Shoes: Asics Gel Court Control Nour El Sherbini — Finalist Racket: Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed 125 NS Shoes: Asics Gel Court Control Camille Serme — Semifinalist Racket: Artengo SR 990 Shoes: Asics […]

Best-Selling Squash Racquets

By Pierre Bastien. squashsource.com Here’s a peek at some of the best-selling squash racquets of last season, based on sales referred from my squash equipment website to the largest online retailer. Of course this is an extremely narrow slice of the squash equipment market, but it gives us an idea of what’s popular. Dunlop Junior […]

How to Get Your Children Playing Squash

By Pierre Bastien Squash is a great game for kids. It’s self-contained. You can play it in any weather. It doesn’t require a whole team of people to play. If you can get a court, you can just show up and mess around. It’s a good way to burn off some steam for an hour. […]

What’s in Your Bag?

By Pierre Bastien, squash equipment blogger at squashsource.com Usually in this column we cover the big-ticket squash equipment items such as racquets and shoes. But recently, I started thinking about just how many other things we carry around in our squash bags. I have a nine-racquet Tecnifibre bag. It is roomy enough to accommodate all […]

Spotted at the U.S. Open

By Pierre Bastien squashsource.com What squash racquets and shoes were the pros using at this year’s U.S. Open? Nour El Tayeb                  Champion Racquet: Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 Slimbody Shoes: Nike Court Shuttle V Raneem El Welily             Finalist Racquet: Harrow Vapor Shoes: Asics Gel Court Control Joelle King                         Semifinalist Racquet: Head Graphene […]

Squash Racquet Nitty-Gritty

by Pierre Bastien When you’re just getting started in squash, picking a racquet is often as simple as finding one in your price range and going with it. But as your game improves, you’ll probably start to consider what you like or don’t like about your current racquet. When you invest in your next racquet, […]