The Top: October 2018

World Masters Arrives Stateside

Sobhy Makes Triumphant Return and Hanson Repeats at 107th National Singles

Above: Amanda Sobhy (r) clinched the National Singles title in her first career match against two-time finalist Reeham Sedky. by Chris McClintick March 10 is a date that will always have some negative association for Amanda Sobhy. It was on March 10, 2017, that the then twenty-three-year-old ruptured her Achilles tendon in a PSA final […]

Charlottesville Welcomes the World

by Chris McClintick This summer the 2018 World Masters will be hosted stateside for the first time in tournament history at the Boar’s Head Resort in Charlottesville, Virginia. The biennial tournament, the world’s largest adult squash event, is one of the major championships run by the World Squash Federation. It was originally started in 1976 […]

Masters of Fate: A Personal Report on the 2016 World Masters

By Alan Stapleton I am an average squash player, an ever-learning coach and a try-my-best administrator. Squash pulses passionately through my veins. When I heard the news that South Africa was hosting the 2016 World Masters, my bucket list became a little longer. An offer was made to print an extra thousand copies of my […]

Two For the Ages

by Bill Buckingham Not only does seventy-four-year-old Jay Nelson clearly recall winning his first championship in any sport—the 1954 little league title in Saugus, MA, as a second baseman and pitcher—he also remembers many of the sixteen players he struck out hurling a perfect game at the age of twelve. While thirteen-year-old Marina Stefanoni’s recollection […]

Legends Play in the World Masters Championships

By Will Carlin “Brett Martin is playing.” Those were the words on many people’s lips when Martin’s name appeared as top seed in the M50 draw of the World Squash Federation’s World Masters Squash Championships in Hong Kong. Martin, once ranked number two in the world behind Jansher Khan, was one of the biggest names […]

2014 World Masters Championships

In just over a month, over 700 masters players from around the world will convene at the Hong Kong Football Club for the World Masters Championships. With entries now closed, twenty-one Americans are making the trip. Men’s 45+ Paul Ansdell Naveen Garg John Musto Men’s 50+ Will Carlin Ed Montanye

Masters: Masters Squash Players Lifelong Devotees of our Game

By Richard Millman In all the marketing blurbs that accom­panies our Olympic efforts the game of Squash is described as a life sport. This name, applied to a prestigious few sports, is as it implies, an indication that squash is played by players very nearly from cradle (I have had the privilege of coaching my […]