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Don’t Blame the Ball

There is often some confusion around when, if at all, a ball can be replaced in the middle of a match. It’s not uncommon in league matches or tournament play for a ball to be used multiple matches in a row. As you all know, by this time the ball that was once black, bouncy and with plenty of grip […]

Local Call

You’ve likely all been in that situation, whether directly affected on court or indirectly as a supporter or teammate, where you’ve witnessed someone coaching their own player mid-game from behind the court. The shame of it all is that the person who gets impacted the most, should someone be guilty of this offense, is the […]

Local Call: Think Inside The Box!

Local Call: Ask, Don’t Tell

Local Call April 2015

Local Call February 2015

CALLING ALL LEAGUE PLAYERS OUT THERE Keep in mind when playing in your league matches, in the event that one of your teammates can’t make the tie, or withdraws injured before the match starts, the correct thing to do is move all players up one position—the default goes to the bottom of the ladder and […]

Local Call December 2014

Local Call: You hit a loose drive down the forehand wall that ends up at the corner of the service box

Local Call: Top Back Wall Out

With the continued introduction of glass back courts has come some confusion about the ‘out line’ across the top of the glass. In a step to clarify this ruling it can be confirmed that the ball is called out if it hits the top edge of the back wall. Players should imagine that the top […]