Local Call

Local Call: Returning Serve

During the serve, the returning player may stand wherever they wish—even if not in the back quadrant of the court where the serve is targeted. They can stand in front of the short line or across the half-court line in the other quadrant, literally anywhere on court. However, the normal rules of squash for the […]

Local Call: Sharing the Ball

This past January, the rules of squash singles were adjusted to limit the warm-up to a maximum of four minutes, replacing the previous rule of five minutes. Players must change sides after two minutes unless they have already done so. Importantly, the rule also emphasizes that the players must share the ball. Penalties can be […]

Local Call: Backswing Contact

In the small confines of a squash court, it is sometimes unavoidable that incidental contact occurs between a player’s racquet and the opponent. There is a common misconception that contact in the backswing (prior to striking the ball) results in an automatic stroke to the striker. In the event a striker appeals for a let […]

Local Call: Mental Turning

Anytime the ball passes behind and around a player from backhand to forehand or vice versa—whether or not that player’s body physically spins around to follow the ball—it is considered a turning situation. When a player does not turn towards the backwall but the ball still passes behind him or her, it is colloquially referred […]

Foot Fault? You’re Calling a Foot Fault?

It’s one of the very first things you learn when you begin playing squash. After figuring out about all the confusing lines on the court, you are told to start a point by serving with a foot inside one of the red squares (or red semi-circle in hardball doubles and singles). Although foot-faulting is perhaps […]

Local Call: Illegal Advice

There are instances in squash when, unbeknownst to even those competing in the match, a rule is broken. Outside coaching of players during a game is not allowed. No advice is permitted, whether it is specific tactical instruction (“hit it deep” “play the drop”) or psychological guidance (“keep your head up” or “be tough”).  Supporters, […]

Local Call: See Something, Say Something?

“Did you see that?” “Did you hear that?” Although at many tournaments, crowd reactions—ooohs and aahhs, cheers and shouts of encouragement—are commonplace and players are expected to play through extra noise, this is not always the case when it is the opponent who creates the distraction. The most common instances are in the middle of […]

Local Call: Give Me a Break

The summer months are upon us, but diehard squash fans won’t be too far away from a squash court. As temperatures rise outside, courts can get warmer. This can make for long, grueling rallies and sometimes a player might look for a breather. It’s worth noting that a player is not allowed to step off […]

Local Call: Order in the Court

With team league season upon us, it’s a great time to remind captains and players that there is no more important rule than keeping the integrity of your lineup intact. Essentially this means you cannot record a default at the top or middle of the lineup. If your No. 1 player can’t make it to […]