Squash Nutrition on the Fly: Strategies to Optimize Nutrition During International Travel

by Nyree Dardarian, Director, Center for Nutrition & Performance, Drexel University During the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, my job was to support the U.S. men’s and women’s squash team nutritionally while they were going for gold. Every aspiring gold medalist has to out-organize their opposition. During competitions overseas, it means preparing and […]

Reasons to Ref

By Hope Prockop Four years ago, my deep dive into refereeing began. I attended a US Squash coaching course where I met some like-minded squash addicts. We shared ideas and best practices on technique, lesson development and match play. The course touched on refereeing, though, and it was just enough to intrigue me. I hadn’t […]

Making Lemonade

By Will Carlin Keith Jarrett was not happy. The legendary American jazz and classical pianist had arrived at the Opera House in Cologne, Germany, late in the afternoon on a dark, wet and cold Friday in January, 1975. He hadn’t slept well in several nights, he was wearing a brace for a bad back, and—after […]

Squash Doubles Racquets

by Pierre Bastien Hardball doubles is a gem of a sport with an avid fan base throughout North America. It’s incredibly fun and full of interesting variations you don’t see in squash singles. The patterns of play are much different in doubles than they are in singles. For one thing, you have a teammate, who […]

Play On

by Sheldon Anderson, US Squash Pro Tour 2 Official US Squash is unique in that we require our professional officials to participate as referees at our national and junior events. This helps implement changes we make at the professional level amongst the broader membership. Over the past year, for example, we have highlighted the importance […]

Navigating the Mental Game in Squash: Between Game Strategies

Nyree Dardarian, Director, Center for Nutrition & Performance Eric Zillmer, Athletics Director and Professor Drexel University Fitness is the price of admission to competitive squash. But from a nutritional and neuroscience point of view, squash is also very much a cognitive chess match of geometry and wit. Squash is different from other sports: there are […]

Reverse It

The reverse corner is the foundational shot in hardball doubles. More points are ended with the reverse than any other short shot. Since it is a rarity in softball singles, many young players have trouble hitting it consistently. We asked a half dozen doubles legends to tell us how they approached hitting the reverse. Jamie […]

What to Pack for a Squash Tournament

By Pierre Bastien Last summer, I traveled down to Charlottesville to play in the 2018 World Masters, which were being held for the first time in the United States. The University of Virginia hosted 600 players from around the world at the McArthur Squash Center and Boar’s Head Inn. I had a major packing challenge […]


By Richard Millman We are still very early in the exploration of squash as a sport. We have only been playing since the 1850s. When you compare a century and a half to the long history of mathematics, astronomy, law, medicine or physics, you can see that we are still fumbling around trying to identify […]