Compounding Time and Pressure

By Richard Millman In the recent FS Investments U.S. Open at Drexel University, the final between Ali Farag and Mohamed ElShorbagy was spectacular, stylish, extreme, athletic, skilled and strategic. It was instructional on many fronts. Time is the commodity in which we chiefly deal in our sport. There are multiple systems and methods of managing […]

Mindhunter: Profiling Squash’s Top Performers at the U.S. Open

by Eric Zillmer Director of Athletics and Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology, Drexel University The 2019 FS Investments U.S. Open Squash Championships, hosted by Drexel University, showed off the sport at its finest. Great crowds, matches, players … and eminent minds? It is easy to appreciate the physical skill of the world’s top players: Amanda Sobhy‘s […]

Doubles: Team Dynamics

By Suzie Pierrepont Can you simply put two players together and expect a good outcome? Team dynamics are complicated. We select partners for various reasons—availability, ability and friendship—all of which are great ways to find a partner. But the success of that partnership depends on a lot more than simply finding the best player you […]

Tools of the Trade: What the Pros Used at the U.S. Open

Official Q&A: Tammer Alnaggary

U.S. Pro Tour Tier 2 referee Tammer Alnaggary spoke with Squash Magazine about becoming a squash referee and his work in the U.S. with junior, college and professional tournaments. Squash Magazine: How did you get your start as a referee? Tammer Alnaggary: My refereeing career began in Cairo, Egypt when I was in my early […]

Dealing With an Acute Soft-Tissue Injury

By AJ Lamb, MS, CSCS, PES supervisor/senior exercise physiologist at Zarett Rehab & Fitness Joe Zarett, physical therapist and founder of Zarett Rehab & Fitness It happens to most of us. We feel a pull or a tweak as we are exercising or recreationally playing a sport. We typically want to finish what we’ve started, […]

Resilience & Grit: Amanda Sobhy

by Bailey Bondy, Sports Psychologist/toughminds.net What does it really mean to have grit? And where do we, as competitive athletes, improve our grit and resilience? Dr. Angela Duckworth, a pioneer and best-selling author, defines grit as “passion and sustained persistence applied toward long-term achievement, with no particular concern for rewards or recognition along the way. […]

Squash-Specific Conditioning

by AJ Lamb, MS, CSCS, PES Supervisor / Senior Exercise Physiologist of Zarett Rehab and Fitness Joe Zarett, Physical Therapist Founder of Zarett Rehab and Fitness As we observe the wide variety of energy requirements seen in sport, we can assume that their corresponding training programs should not be identical. For example, a racket sport […]

The Equation of Squash: Get There to Leave

By Richard Millman The principles of survival in the human race are also the principles of survival for squash. They can be expressed as an equation—a form of algebra. Algebra may not be the most popular topic for reading, but if someone gave you a guaranteed and simple formula for wealth or happiness that couldn’t go […]