The Mind Game Taking Control May 2014

The Mind Game — Taking Control & Ownership

By Damon Leedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist As part of championship preparation squads with the England Junior and Senior Teams we often delivered mental training sessions to players and coaching staff.  One of the key mental aspects addressed was ‘controlling the controllables—how to effectively manage those factors out of or not fully in your […]

Breaking through the Levels Back wall April 2014 Nick Matthew

Attacking the Back Court

By Peter Nicol I was always classed as a defensive, counter-attacking player. However, this was not how I saw myself at all—well not exactly. I understood that my best way of competing and beating other top players was to use my strengths and protect my weak areas. Sounds obvious but if I played a lower […]

Breaking through the Levels Nick Matthew

The Short Game

By Scott Devoy, Head Professional, Merion Cricket Club and U.S. National Team Coach You often hear about players with ‘good hands’ or ‘shot makers’ referring to players who take the ball short well, creating angles and using the front of the court to exploit their opponents. It’s a difficult skill to master and one that requires […]

Breaking Through Levels James Willstrop

The Boast

By Lynn Leong, U.S. Junior Women’s Assistant Coach The boast is one of my favorite shots to play. While some people, especially a lot of parents of juniors, think the boast is a bad shot to hit, that is really not the case. It can be a bad shot, but only when played at bad […]

Accuracy through the levels

Accuracy – Through the Levels

By Adam Hamill, U.S. Junior Men’s National Coach Players competing at the 3.0 level tend to focus on trying to connect with ball without much attention to racquet preparation, position and technique. Often this results in playing the ball in a more ‘open stance’, swinging across the body and pulling the ball out into the middle of […]

Deceleration 1

Deceleration—The Art of Slowing Down

By Damon Leedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist Take time to watch the top players in the world in action and observe how well they are able to control speed and movement onto the ball even when the initial approach has been quick. Their skill in making this look relatively easy is linked to their […]

Mental Toughness Will World January 2014 Chris Gordon

Mental Toughness

By Paul Assaiante It is my strong belief that the most underestimated aspect of squash is the mental game! In terms of the difference in the approach to the mental game from 3.0-5.0, there are actually fewer differences than one might think. A 5.0 Player is equally prone to getting upset as a 3.0 Player. […]

Squash Racquet Dropshots

Squash Technique, Breaking Through The Levels

By Natalie Grainger Last month, we introduced a new LessonCourt series to help you break through different skill levels. The approach with this will be to look closely at specific techniques and strategies that can be improved upon to climb through the skill level divisions. This month, we take a step back to give more […]

James Willstrop

Squash Movement

By Scott Devoy At the 3.0 skill level, players tend to spend a lot of time so focused on the ball that they chase it all over the court. This leads to over-running the ball, getting too close and situations where players, run, stop and then try to hit a shot. There is some inefficiency […]