Solo Squash Doubles Practice

By Graham Bassett, US Squash Victor Elmaleh Director of Doubles Squash provides the unique experience of being able to achieve meaning practice on court by yourself. Can you imagine trying to practice water polo by yourself? You’d hop in the pool, tread water for a while and throw the ball to the other end of […]

Merion Says Farewell to Hardball Singles

By James Zug In February, the U.S. National Hardball Singles Championships had a successful farewell as a national championship at Merion Cricket Club. Eighty-one players from around the continent came to Philadelphia to play with the Slazenger fuchsia ball in the eighteen-and-a-half-foot-wide court. The draws contained some classic hardball names—Davenport, Edwards, Pearson—as well as a […]

The Bat That Will Save Hardball

By James Zug A quarter century ago, a squash racquet had a small head and weighed a ton—it’s amazing to imagine this, but the Head SX2, the standard racquet in the game in the late eighties, weighed 245 grams. This was considered an absolute innovation over the old wooden bats from the start of the decade, but nowadays, racquets for […]

Hardball Championships

The 2013 U.S. Hardball Singles Championships were held February 15-17 in Philadelphia. The Open division winner was Chris Walker of Greenwich (CT), who said he hopes to increase participation in hardball amongst young squash players and is optimistic about the increasing number of hardball singles events on the calendar. “I think there is a place for hardball singles in the […]

Will’s World Collaborative Calls

By Will Carlin On a cold, crisp Thursday evening thirty-one years ago, numerous vans started arriving at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. A light snowfall muffled the town, but most of the vehicles were filled with noisy, nervous young men. As the vans pulled into various hotels, laughter and high volume teasing could be heard […]

Hardball and Doubles Rankings, 2011/2012 Season

Doubles Rankings Men Open 1 Whitten Morris 2 Trevor McGuinness 3 Dylan Patterson 3 Steven Scharff 5 Addison West 6 Josh Schwartz 7 Shane Coleman 8 John White 9 Hamed Anvari 10 Tim Wyant 11 Gustav Detter 12 Noah Wimmer 13 John Russell 14 Dennett Wilkens 15 Coley Smith 16 Peter Kelly 17 Jacques Swanepoel […]

Preston Quick Captures Back to Back Hardball Championships

The 2012 Hardball Singles Championships again featured a strong field in the Men’s Open. With 12 players competing for the title, top seeded and defending champion Preston Quick survived a two game deficit in the first semifinal to Eric Christiansen. In the second semifinal, Chris Walker was unable to best the shot-making and pace of […]

Walker Triumphs in Players Championship Hardball Invitational

By Rob Dinerman Whitewashed through the first 11 points against the recently- ensconced U. S. National Hardball champion, Chris Walker weathered that severe early storm and eventually retrieved and powered his way to a 3-15 15-5 16-14 10-15 15-12 victory over top seed Preston Quick in the final of the $7500 Players Championship Hardball Singles […]

Young Stars Energize US Squash Hardball Singles Nationals!!

Hardball Singles is not just for “old” guys. The 2011 Hardball Singles National championships at the Tennis & Racquet Club in Boston, February 18-20, was dominated by enthusiastic, young talent, with 15 players in the Open draw and 15 more in the 20+ category, plus several strong women competing for the first Women’s Open hardball Singles National […]