Douglas and Stefanoni Reaffirm Junior Dominance; West Coast on the Rise

By Chris McClintick It was a banner year for Andrew Douglas and Marina Stefanoni, as both players repeated as national junior champions. While the 2016 National Juniors served as Douglas’ coming out party, the eighteen-year-old New Yorker returned to Harvard’s Murr Center as an established favorite, not only having defeated the defending world junior champion […]

National Doubles Goes a Mile High

by James Zug The eighty-second Monticello Associations U.S. Squash Doubles Championships had a distinctly Rocky Mountain flavor. One hundred and twenty-three teams came to Denver this past March, making it the largest National Doubles ever held west of the Mississippi. The Denver Athletic Club, with its two courts, was the center of the weekend, with […]

Crimson Women Go Undefeated With Fourth Consecutive Howe Cup; Bantam Men Pluck Potter Cup Number Sixteen

by Dent Wilkens Photography by Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com The two leading college teams of this decade—the Harvard women and the Trinity men—captured the 2017 national intercollegiate team titles. Each took a very different route to get there. This season’s Harvard squad made a strong case for being the greatest women’s college team ever put together. […]

Love is Love is Love: Jenny Duncalf & Rachael Grinham—Champions On Court, Pioneers Off Court

By James Zug Jenny Duncalf and Rachael Grinham are two of the greatest squash players of the early twenty-first century and leaders on the professional world tour. As they mature in their careers, they have come to realize that because of that profile, they can have a major impact on thousands of people without hitting […]

The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions Celebrates Twenty Years in Grand Central

Squash and Chess: The Ball, the Brain and a Little Zwischenzug

Top Ten Reasons Why This Was the Greatest United States Open Ever

  by James Zug I Wow Times Infinity It was packed. At the 2016 Delaware Investments United States Open, there were no gimmicks, no free pizza for Drexel students, no bouncy castle radar zones. It was the sporting spectacle itself. Fans came in droves. The early rounds used to be a bit sparse, a ghostly […]

Conqueror of the World

By James Zug 555: The Untold Story Behind Squash’s Invincible Champion and Sport’s Greatest Unbeaten Run by Rod Gilmour and Alan Thatcher Worthing, England: Pitch Publishing, 2016 It is hard to recall now, a quarter of a century later, just what a big deal Jahangir Khan was. He was consistently dominant like no other player […]

Top Fifty: The Most Intriguing and Influential People of 2016

The third-annual Top Fifty* comes to you with a twist. Despite the heavy historical weight of a few cities and regions, squash has, for well more than a half century, been a national game. After the last state without a court—Arkansas—put one in Bentonville in 2001, you could play in every state in the Union. […]