Pro-File Affeeq Ismail

Affeeq Ismail Head Squash Coach US Squash Pilot Program @ Lynch/van Otterloo YMCA: Marblehead, MA Lynch/van Otterloo has an extremely active adult squash community. The adult players are consistently organizing round robins and playing in weekly league matches all around the Boston area. Many of them are very eager to improve their game and are […]

Outside the Glass: David Pearson

Outside The Glass, the world’s oldest squash podcast, is a radio show with a new episode dropping at the beginning of each month. OTG episodes, produced by US Squash, are available many podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Evercast and SoundCloud. In episode twenty-eight, David Pearson, the world-renowned coach, speaks about his childhood and start in squash. […]

By the Numbers: January 2019

Local Call: Backswing Contact

In the small confines of a squash court, it is sometimes unavoidable that incidental contact occurs between a player’s racquet and the opponent. There is a common misconception that contact in the backswing (prior to striking the ball) results in an automatic stroke to the striker. In the event a striker appeals for a let […]

A Look Back January 2019

[Above] Twenty Years Ago in Squash Magazine         January 1999 Mark Lewis, portrayed by Randall Scott, reached the finals of the 1998 National Singles. He worked as the head pro at the Union Boat Club from 1997 until 2003, played on the PSA tour, topping out at world No. 106 and was USOC Athlete of the […]

By the Numbers: October 2018

The Top: October 2018

A Look Back: October 2018

Twenty Years Ago in Squash Magazine         August-September 1998 In one of the most arresting photographs ever to grace the magazine’s cover, Steve Line’s image of Ong Beng Hee was the visual preview to the 1998 World Juniors at Princeton. Beng Hee did go on to capture the World Juniors that summer, topping Wael El Hindi […]

Local Call: Mental Turning

Anytime the ball passes behind and around a player from backhand to forehand or vice versa—whether or not that player’s body physically spins around to follow the ball—it is considered a turning situation. When a player does not turn towards the backwall but the ball still passes behind him or her, it is colloquially referred […]