By The Numbers: June 2017

By the Numbers

The Top: PSA Birthdays

Squash Boast: Four-Year Scholar Athletes

The US Squash Scholar Athlete Award recognizes high school students who excel both in the classroom and on the court. Over 300 students applied for the 2015-2016 Scholar Athlete Award, including thirty-two exceptional student athletes who received this award all four years of high school.

PRO-file: Aisling Blake

Aisling Blake: Bay Club San Francisco The first person I ever hit a squash ball with was probably one of my brothers—I have three—under duress on their part I’m sure. There are great similarities in the competitiveness and camaraderie at tournaments in the U.S. and Ireland. The difference here is the emphasis placed on ranking […]

Local Call: Sick Note

An often-misunderstood rule is what happens when someone vomits in the middle of a match. In the event of an illness during play, the sick player concedes that game and takes the ninety-second interval between games to recover. This is applicable if the player conceding the game hadn’t already lost two games, since otherwise the […]

The Top: Winners at the U.S. Junior Open by Nation Since 1993

December 2016: By The Numbers

Local Call: Order in the Court

With team league season upon us, it’s a great time to remind captains and players that there is no more important rule than keeping the integrity of your lineup intact. Essentially this means you cannot record a default at the top or middle of the lineup. If your No. 1 player can’t make it to […]