By The Numbers: April 2018

Local Call: Illegal Advice

There are instances in squash when, unbeknownst to even those competing in the match, a rule is broken. Outside coaching of players during a game is not allowed. No advice is permitted, whether it is specific tactical instruction (“hit it deep” “play the drop”) or psychological guidance (“keep your head up” or “be tough”).  Supporters, […]

By the Numbers: January 2018

The Top: Women’s Squash Week 17 Attendance

Pro-File: Annelize Naude

I first played squash at age nine with my mother and father. I used to follow my parents to the courts. They were club players and had just gotten into the game. After Geoff Hunt came to town, my mom took a coaching course to be able to get the kids at the club started. […]

Squash Boast: Life Time Squash Professionals

Pro-File: Jamie Sutcliffe

I first picked up a squash racquet when I was ten years old at the Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club where the coaches Matthew Thorpe and Andy Learoyd inspired me to get to where I am today. Huddersfield is located in the heart of Yorkshire, which is known as one of the best English […]

Local Call: See Something, Say Something?

“Did you see that?” “Did you hear that?” Although at many tournaments, crowd reactions—ooohs and aahhs, cheers and shouts of encouragement—are commonplace and players are expected to play through extra noise, this is not always the case when it is the opponent who creates the distraction. The most common instances are in the middle of […]

Sneaking in: Coach Paul Selby Tells About How He Started Playing Squash

Outside The Glass, the world’s leading squash podcast, is a radio show with a new episode coming out at the beginning of each month. Paul Selby is the longtime English coach, director of Off The Wall Squash and father of three world-ranked players. In episode six, he told Outside The Glass about his unorthodox introduction […]