Transitioning from Singles to Doubles

By Manek Mathur, SDA World No. 1 “Everything is different—you are playing a new sport.” This is the most common answer I give people who ask what the difference is between singles and doubles. Here are a few things that stand out for me when trying to pick up the game. Positioning During a rally, […]

Back to the Basics Efficient and Effective Warm-Up Strategies

By AJ Lamb, MS, CSCS, PES Supervisor / Senior Exercise Physiologist of Zarett Rehab and Fitness, Joseph Zarett, Physical Therapist, Founder of Zarett Rehab & Fitness Every elite-level athlete understands the importance of preparing the body for the anticipated demands of sport. A planned warm-up is a key component to improving performance and keeping your […]

Drills for Doubles: Get the Most Out of Your Game

By Aidan Harrison Most of the focus of teaching professionals is on the juniors but if you can build a vibrant adult doubles program at your club and make it fun, it builds an extra layer of community within the squash section. Doubles players are lifers. It’s a social game where members can get a […]

Squash Doubles Practice With Two or Three Players

By Graham Bassett, Victor Elmaleh US Squash Director of Doubles and Professional Squash While nothing beats a full game of four-person doubles, some of the best and most fun practice can be achieved with fewer players. Two Players Perhaps you and your partner are just too good and everybody is scared of you. No problem. […]

Breaking Through: Conditioned Games

Players frequently limit their opponents to those of similar skill. However, conditioned games are a great way to level the playing field between competitors of varying levels of experience. Conditioned games place restrictions on what each player can do on court—a classic example is three-quarter court. Each example provided below applies to players with a […]

Balance Points

Balance Points Which side of your feet do you lean and what thoughts are controlling this behavior? By Richard Millman, Owner – The Squash Doctor Corporation Whenever I write these articles I am concerned as to whether I am being repetitive. But as a good client of mine is always telling me, hearing things over […]

Range of Motion (ROM) The Freedom to Move

By Damon Leedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist Many players have come to the end of their competitive season in the US which typically begins to wind down from mid-March onwards, with the only major championships of note being the Silver and Bronze Junior Nationals taking place in April. In the previous article we discussed […]

Back Court Essentials: Where is the game played and where do you practice?

By Richard Millman, Owner – The Squash Doctor Corporation Approximately 80% of our sport is played at the back of the court, behind the short line. This is where rallies are constructed, where opportunities are seized or lost, where dominance and control are established—and where surprisingly little practice and teaching is done, relative to the […]

Endurance Training for Squash?

Damon Leedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist In the final article of our 3-part series on interval training I thought it would be interesting to see examples of different types of interval sessions performed by current and former World Class Professional players. Let’s start with a slightly humorous take on a traditional style of gym-based […]