Squash Doubles Practice With Two or Three Players

By Graham Bassett, Victor Elmaleh US Squash Director of Doubles and Professional Squash While nothing beats a full game of four-person doubles, some of the best and most fun practice can be achieved with fewer players. Two Players Perhaps you and your partner are just too good and everybody is scared of you. No problem. […]

Solo Squash Doubles Practice

By Graham Bassett, US Squash Victor Elmaleh Director of Doubles Squash provides the unique experience of being able to achieve meaning practice on court by yourself. Can you imagine trying to practice water polo by yourself? You’d hop in the pool, tread water for a while and throw the ball to the other end of […]

National Doubles Goes a Mile High

by James Zug The eighty-second Monticello Associations U.S. Squash Doubles Championships had a distinctly Rocky Mountain flavor. One hundred and twenty-three teams came to Denver this past March, making it the largest National Doubles ever held west of the Mississippi. The Denver Athletic Club, with its two courts, was the center of the weekend, with […]

Breaking Through the Levels: Hardball Doubles

by Preston Quick In this month’s issue, former World Champion Preston Quick describes the unique lingo and skills it takes to excel at every level of squash doubles. C Players at the C level will benefit greatly from a focus on the fundamentals; cross courts should hit the side wall more often, use the height […]

The Gould Standard: Ben Gould Retires

by Chris McClintick They almost withdrew. It was the title they wanted most and the last to elude them on the SDA tour. As the 2015 Briggs Cup was starting, Damien Mudge was nursing a debilitating pinched nerve in his right foot. He was far from 100%. Ben Gould’s parents, Joe and Joy, traveled from […]

National Doubles Finds a New Home in Philadelphia

By Chris McClintick Eighty-two years ago, the second U.S. Squash Doubles Championships were hosted on the court that invented the game at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia. Philadelphia has long been the American beacon of squash doubles, and today boasts the most north American hardball courts in the U.S., only second to Toronto in the […]

World Doubles: From MetroSquash to Onwentsia, and Streamed to the World

By Chris McClintick The 2015 J.P. Morgan & Trunk Club World Squash Doubles Championships commenced with the fanfare of the MetroSquash Academic & Squash Center’s grand opening  in Chicago, Wednesday, May 6. Following the ceremonial, shoeless seminal match on the first doubles court in an urban squash facility, professionals took to the court for exhibition […]

SDA Bantams: The Group of Trinity Alumni Shaping the Professional Doubles Tour

By Chris McClintick Nearly a score of graduating classes played some part in the longest winning streak in college sports history—Trinity men’s squash: 252 consecutive victories, including thirteen national titles, from 1998 to 2012. While the world’s top juniors turned professional in their late teens, generations of the world’s best young U.S. and international recruits […]

Bridging the Generations

By Chris McClintick A few nights before the inaugural U.S. Century Doubles Championship in 2008, tournament founder Kit Tatum received a phone call from Palmer Page, the former US SQUASH CEO. Page was concerned that the tournament, requiring nothing more than the combined ages of each team being 100 years or greater, might become a health hazard. “You know Kit, […]