National Doubles Finds a New Home in Philadelphia

By Chris McClintick Eighty-two years ago, the second U.S. Squash Doubles Championships were hosted on the court that invented the game at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia. Philadelphia has long been the American beacon of squash doubles, and today boasts the most north American hardball courts in the U.S., only second to Toronto in the […]

World Doubles: From MetroSquash to Onwentsia, and Streamed to the World

By Chris McClintick The 2015 J.P. Morgan & Trunk Club World Squash Doubles Championships commenced with the fanfare of the MetroSquash Academic & Squash Center’s grand opening  in Chicago, Wednesday, May 6. Following the ceremonial, shoeless seminal match on the first doubles court in an urban squash facility, professionals took to the court for exhibition […]

SDA Bantams: The Group of Trinity Alumni Shaping the Professional Doubles Tour

By Chris McClintick Nearly a score of graduating classes played some part in the longest winning streak in college sports history—Trinity men’s squash: 252 consecutive victories, including thirteen national titles, from 1998 to 2012. While the world’s top juniors turned professional in their late teens, generations of the world’s best young U.S. and international recruits […]

Bridging the Generations

By Chris McClintick A few nights before the inaugural U.S. Century Doubles Championship in 2008, tournament founder Kit Tatum received a phone call from Palmer Page, the former US SQUASH CEO. Page was concerned that the tournament, requiring nothing more than the combined ages of each team being 100 years or greater, might become a health hazard. “You know Kit, […]

Pricey Heads Home

By Chris McClintick Photos by SDA Squash was the last thing on Paul Price’s mind the week after a five-game loss to Mudge & Gould in the final of the 2014 Putnam Pro-Am. He was more concerned with last-minute wedding details, for which he and his Canadian fiancée, Kyla, would soon be flying to Mexico. Such has been the […]

New Champions At 2013 U.S. Open Doubles

By Chris McClintick The second annual joint Squash Doubles Association (SDA) and Women’s Doubles Squash Association (WDSA) U.S. Open Squash Doubles Championships crescendoed with the first SDA semifinal as Matt Jenson & Preston Quick reached match ball in the fourth game. In a match full of extraordinary gets and shot making, the world No. 8 and 7 were on the verge […]

World’s First All-Glass Hardball Doubles Court a Hit with the Pros

By Kristi Maroc The world’s first all-glass hardball doubles court was officially given the nod of approval by the world’s top players during the first-ever professional event to be held on the court and simultaneously live streamed to fans watching from afar. The Elmaleh Classic invitational pro event was contested on the new court at […]

The 2013 U.S. National Junior Doubles

By James Zug Ninety players from around the U.S. and Canada took part in the 27th annual National Junior Doubles in April 2013 in girl’s, boy’s and mixed age divisions. First run by Wilmington Country Club’s pro John Righter starting in 1986, the NJD has been the pet product of current WCC pro Ed Chilton […]

Grainger and Scharf Take Mixed

After becoming the U.S. Women’s National Champion and then winning the women’s World Doubles Championship for the United States, Natalie Grainger has continued her monumental winning streak at the U.S. Mixed Doubles Championships, teaming up with partner Steve Scharff to take the Open division final. Grainger and Scharff began their title run with two 3-0 […]