Put Up Your Dukes

By Tracy Gates I went to see a match the other night. A woman I knew from my gym was making her professional debut and I’d never seen her in action. I had seen her plenty of times at the gym; she was a personal trainer and always had a friendly smile for everyone. But […]

National Teams Update

By Paul Assaiante, National Coach In life the pursuit of goals is a bit like building a railroad track. You must first come up with your destination, and this is the plan or the “dream” if you will. Nothing happens without first dreaming. You then must get down on your hands and knees and begin […]

From US Squash Stats and Stories

By Peter Lasusa, U.S. SQUASH Board Chair Twenty or so years ago I was standing in front of a posted draw sheet helping run a club championship tournament as “Tournament Chair” along with our club professional. Our pro was filling in results in handwritten pencil and was just recording games won and lost without recording […]

Attention! This is your Captain speaking…

By Tracy Gates When I got off the court, just one last match remained unfinished. One teammate had won three zip. Another had lost by mere points in five. And I, sadly, depressingly, had lost in three. If our team had a chance at winning and getting into the playoffs, it was up to this last woman […]

Youth Surge: 15-year-old Sabrina Sobhy and 16-year-old Dylan Murray claim top honors at 2012 U.S. Junior Championships

By Dent Wilkins The top echelon of junior tournament players is a frequently shifting landscape; players who were once dominant fall back into the pack, new stars emerge, and others continue their reign as the competitors whom all others are chasing. The 2012 U.S. Junior Championships (Closed) showcased all of this, as five first-time Champions […]

2012 U.S. Squash Doubles Championships

Article and photos by Preston Quick The Apawamis Club in Rye New York played host to the 2012 U.S. Squash Doubles Championships. Title sponsored by Hospital for Special Surgery, the event was also co-hosted at six area clubs: Round Hill Club, Westchester Country Club, Field Club of Greenwich, Greenwich Country Club, Sleepy Hollow Country Club […]

Fathers and Daughters, Mothers and Sons

By Tracy Gates The guy is all over the court—front, back, sides, middle—hitting low reverse corners, floating lobs, and hard cross-courts to the left wall, aiming to get it past an opponent with graying hair and probably thirty years his senior. But more often than not, the older man gets it back, and early in […]

Smokin’ in Virginia: King James rules in Richmond

By Alan Thatcher The Davenport North American Open continues to grow in status and influence. This PSA World Series Gold event brings the world’s leading players to Richmond, Virginia, each year, just as winter turns into spring. As well as providing a fabulous week of high-class entertainment on the glass court set up in the […]

2011-2012 College Squash Season Report

By Anne Bello Hours before the men’s A Division final between Princeton University and defending national champions Trinity College was scheduled to begin, a local squash fan camped out on the floor by court 1 in Princeton’s Jadwin Gymnasium, staking out a spot to share with his young son. If history was going to be […]