Breaking Through the Levels: Sean Wilkinson

Princeton University Head Coach Sean Wilkinson breaks down what it takes to go from college captain to assistant coach, and from an assistant coach to head coach. Captain Earning the opportunity to be a captain at the collegiate level is a big deal. Being a captain is not a right or a resume builder, it […]

Travels with Hashim

By Beth Rasin I only got to know Hashim during the last ten years in my role as producer of “Keep Eye on Ball: The Hashim Khan Story.” At ninety-something, Hashim joined our film crew, in 2005, for a two-and-a-half week trip to London and Pakistan. Hashim would absolutely insist in carrying one of my bags every […]

Access Squash Academy

By Pia A. Floresca One of the biggest international efforts in squash in the past decade has been the quest to join the Olympic Games. In each of the past two campaigns, an Access Youth Academy student has played a central role in the World Squash Federation’s official presentation. (In addition, a CitySquash student, Andreina […]

Hey Ref! An ‘Official’ Q&A

By Barry Faguy HEY REF! I was refereeing a match recently and made a key decision—and quickly realized I had made a mistake. It was not a judgment issue, but about the actual rule. Should I have corrected myself? If your error relates to a Marker call (typically when you’re acting as both Marker & […]

Eightieth Howe Cup Celebrates Championship Diversity

By Beth Rasin Could a coveted national championship really be at stake when competitors were smiling broadly and so easily applauding an opponent’s scrappy play? There was so much joy at the eightieth Howe Cup that naive spectators might be excused for failing to realize that it was the venerable annual U.S. Women’s National Team Championships […]

Squash Pinned by Wrestling

By Rod Gilmour It was just before Sunday lunch at the Hilton in Buenos Aires, when Jacques Rogge, the outgoing International Olympic committee president, stared down at the white sheet of paper in front of him. Slowly, he began to read out the result on which sport would win Olympic 2020 and 2024 status. There […]

Howe Cup 2012

By Beth Rasin For three days in October at the Seattle Athletic club, squash was celebrated in all its glory and distilled to its essence. The annual coming together of women from across the country and Canada, with a few international visitors mixed in, to compete in Howe Cup, continued its tradition as a celebration […]

The Path to the Olympics

By George Meiras, chair of the World Squash Federation’s Olympic Bid Steering Group Every four years there is a different system for selecting sports for an upcoming Olympic Games. The process for 2020 is as follows. Currently there are seven sports competing for the one place to be available in 2020. These are in no particular order: […]

US Junior Open 2012

By Vidya Rajan Cemented as the world’s largest junior tournament, the 2012 US Junior Open brought together over 800 participants from 24 different countries. Played at Harvard University for the third year running with additional matches played at Belmont Hill School, Northeastern University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the tournament saw a high caliber of match […]