Overseas Student-Athletes and Squash

New Players, New Coaches, New Stories: Intercollegiate Squash Preview

The Double Treble: Harvard’s Haul Punctuates a Superlative Season

by James Zug Photography by Michael T. Bello/ For college squash, the twenty teens turned out to be the Decade of Way. Mike Way started coaching at Harvard in August 2010. Since then his squads have captured nine national team titles; the next best mark for the decade is six, by Trinity. His players have […]

Harvard Women Prove Unbeatable; Trinity Men Capture 17th Title

by Dent Wilkens Photography by Michael T. Bello/ The dominance of the 2017-2018 Harvard women’s team may best be contextualized by sophomore Amelia Henley’s position on the team. The Englishwoman had a robust squash resume coming into college: she had won the GU19 European Junior Championship and the GU17 British Junior Championship. Her first year […]

The Top: College Coaching Tenures

Crimson Women Go Undefeated With Fourth Consecutive Howe Cup; Bantam Men Pluck Potter Cup Number Sixteen

by Dent Wilkens Photography by Michael T. Bello/ The two leading college teams of this decade—the Harvard women and the Trinity men—captured the 2017 national intercollegiate team titles. Each took a very different route to get there. This season’s Harvard squad made a strong case for being the greatest women’s college team ever put together. […]

CSA Individuals Herald End of Egyptian Eras

by Dent Wilkens Photography by Michael T. Bello/ Kanzy El Defrawy and Ahmed Abdel Khalek entered the College Individuals Nationals with the weight of expectation squarely on their shoulders. Both players were seniors slated to graduate this spring, and were capping two of the most successful college careers in the past decade. The tournament, held […]

Sobhy Completes College Sweep: Harvard and Trinity Head of Team Class

By Nell Schwed In a season dominated by close competition and surprise score lines, the CSA National Championships proved to be the perfect stomping ground for retribution, legacies revived, and new claims staked. The Women’s National Team Championships kicked off February 13-15 at Harvard University with hometown favorites and national No. 1 Harvard leading the […]

College Squash Recruiting

By Nell Schwed Squash is many things, but what it first brings to mind—besides its elitist roots, genteel style and winter vegetable connotation—is the competitive edge it can provide a college applicant. Typically, those schools who fall under the umbrella of strong squash programs are only allotted two recruiting spots for each varsity team. Though some […]