Breaking Through the Levels

The Short Game

By Scott Devoy, Head Professional, Merion Cricket Club and U.S. National Team Coach You often hear about players with ‘good hands’ or ‘shot makers’ referring to players who take the ball short well, creating angles and using the front of the court to exploit their opponents. It’s a difficult skill to master and one that requires […]

The Boast

By Lynn Leong, U.S. Junior Women’s Assistant Coach The boast is one of my favorite shots to play. While some people, especially a lot of parents of juniors, think the boast is a bad shot to hit, that is really not the case. It can be a bad shot, but only when played at bad […]

Accuracy – Through the Levels

By Adam Hamill, U.S. Junior Men’s National Coach Players competing at the 3.0 level tend to focus on trying to connect with ball without much attention to racquet preparation, position and technique. Often this results in playing the ball in a more ‘open stance’, swinging across the body and pulling the ball out into the middle of […]

Mental Toughness

By Paul Assaiante It is my strong belief that the most underestimated aspect of squash is the mental game! In terms of the difference in the approach to the mental game from 3.0-5.0, there are actually fewer differences than one might think. A 5.0 Player is equally prone to getting upset as a 3.0 Player. […]

Squash Movement

By Scott Devoy At the 3.0 skill level, players tend to spend a lot of time so focused on the ball that they chase it all over the court. This leads to over-running the ball, getting too close and situations where players, run, stop and then try to hit a shot. There is some inefficiency […]

Making that Jump – Breaking 3.0

By Paul Assaiante, Trinity College Head Coach and Head National Coach Too many people simply go from lesson to lesson and think that that is the panacea for developing a squash game. Or on the flip side of the coin, play “friendly game after friendly game” in the belief that that is what is needed […]