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Murder, Demurrage and Double-Dot Deadlines: New Squash Books To Consider

By James Zug Last issue we reviewed a single book, 555, about Jahangir Khan; this issue we take on seven books ranging from novels to anthologies to coaching manuals. The Science of Sport: Squash By Stafford Murray, with Mike Hughes, Nic James and Goran Vuckovic Ramsbury, England: Crowood Press, 2016 In the late 1990s Stafford […]


Conqueror of the World

By James Zug 555: The Untold Story Behind Squash’s Invincible Champion and Sport’s Greatest Unbeaten Run by Rod Gilmour and Alan Thatcher Worthing, England: Pitch Publishing, 2016 It is hard to recall now, a quarter of a century later, just what a big deal Jahangir Khan was. He was consistently dominant like no other player […]


Book Review: Play Better Squash by John Beddington

By James Zug Forty-one years ago John Beddington wrote a tiny paperback squash manual, Play Better Squash, which was published in London by Queen Anne Press (the publishing house that Ian Fleming ran; perhaps the reason there is no squash in the James Bond books or films is that Fleming died before Play Better Squash?). […]


Book Review: Two Squash Manuals by James Zug

Two Squash Manuals By James Zug The G Spot: A Book about Squash Tony Griffin CreateSpace, 2014 Tony Griffin is a stalwart. He grew up in New Zealand and started playing squash in the early 1970s. At the time, there was just one full-time coach in the country and, as he writes in The G […]