Bill Buckingham

Seven Regions One Team

By Bill Buckingham “This should be the most fun weekend of the squash year. You will ultimately play for the U.S. somewhere along the way, and there is nothing better than that.” With those words, Ganek Family National Team Coach Paul Assaiante welcomed players to the third-annual Regional Team Championships at Yale University in New […]

Breaking Through the Levels: Balls

by Bill Buckingham Can using a different ball increase your enjoyment of the game? To find out, US Squash staffers Bill Buckingham and Chris McClintick, erstwhile 3.5 level players, use five different balls during their weekly match. Like most ball manufacturers, Dunlop offers a wide range of ball options, designed to make the game fun […]

Two For the Ages

by Bill Buckingham Not only does seventy-four-year-old Jay Nelson clearly recall winning his first championship in any sport—the 1954 little league title in Saugus, MA, as a second baseman and pitcher—he also remembers many of the sixteen players he struck out hurling a perfect game at the age of twelve. While thirteen-year-old Marina Stefanoni’s recollection […]

Vassar Goes Co-Ed

By Bill Buckingham In 1969, Vassar College declined an offer from Yale University to merge institutions. Instead it became the first and only of the original “Seven Sister” schools to become co-ed (Radcliffe was later absorbed by Harvard University). Forty four years later, head coach Jane Parker, forced by circumstances beyond her control, followed suit, […]

Upstate Upstarts: Rochester and St. Lawrence are Looking to Rock the Men’s College Squash Boat

By Bill Buckingham Photos by Michael Bello The wall of fame right outside the office of St. Lawrence University coach Chris Abplanalp, boasts plaques of former athletic stars, the most popular with the tour groups being a former wrestling standout (not to mention the top gladiator the school ever produced), By the name of Kirk […]

From US Squash Winning Streaks

By Bill Buckingham Some criticize the Association for focusing too much on the best and think we can do more to make the stories we tell more relatable. However, regardless of our field, surely we can all relate to what it takes to be excellent, whether we have achieved it or aspire to it. The sports news was dominated in […]

From US Squash Ten Days in January

By Bill Buckingham When attending the Tournament of Champions, held annually at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, it’s very easy to fall prey to the illusion that squash has gone mainstream and finally everyone has caught on to what we have known all along: that there is no greater game, and there are […]

Teams Building 101

By Bill Buckingham With the U.S. High School Championship’s doubling in size over the past three years, the rapid growth of the U.S. Middle School Team Championships (nearly 30 teams competing in only its second year) and the explosion in popularity of collegiate squash, both experienced junior players and tournament novices alike are being exposed […]

Youth Trumps Experience at U.S. Doubles Championships Age Division Rivalries Rage On

By Bill Buckingham Photos by Debbie Bowden Trevor McGuinness, with the help of right-wall teammate Whitten Morris, became the youngest ever winner of the U.S. Men’s Doubles Championship, defeating the top seeded duo of Morris Clothier and Scott Stoneburgh in the finals, contested at the Fairmount Athletic Club in King of Prussia, PA. A Philadelphia […]