Barry Faguy

Hey Ref: January 2018

by Barry Faguy HEY REF I often hear some referees’ explanations that strike me as kind of weird. Is there some advice to help me get it right when it’s my turn to give explanations?  As you’ve realized, many explanations are unfortunately either flat-out wrong, incomplete, irrelevant or nonsensical. Proper explanations should help improve communication, […]

Hey Ref: October 2017

HEY REF Other than the marker making calls like “out” and “down,” is it permissible for the referee to stop play? It’s allowed, but it’s rare and usually for safety reasons. An intervention would typically happen with interference, where—without a request for let having been made—the referee suddenly interrupts play to award a let or […]

Hey Ref: June 2017

by Barry Faguy HEY REF Is there anything a referee can do about what seems to be dishonest play? Dishonesty has many guises, but we’ll focus on two key areas. The first regards the failure of players to call their own balls down or out. Sometimes they will disingenuously claim that it’s up to the […]

Hey Ref: Underwater Basket Weaving

by Barry Faguy HEY REF I was told that when I’m officiating, I shouldn’t ask questions of the players. Is that right? Nope; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The rules make specific reference to the referee needing to clarify certain things, such as not knowing why a player was requesting a let, or (with […]

HEY REF An “Official” Q & A by Barry Faguy

HEY REF I’ve heard the term “wrong footing” used with interference situations. What are we supposed to do when it happens? We often see this issue of wrong footing misinterpreted and wind up with unfair decisions. The term wrong footing describes a situation where the striker mistakenly takes the wrong path to get to the […]

Hey Ref: An “Official” Q & A

by Barry Faguy HEY REF! Sometimes I get stuck reffing a match with seemingly endless calls. Is there any way to cut down those numbers? That’s a very topical question, and this longer-than-average answer is far too short. Indeed, for the past few years, the professional organizations have been urging Referees to make decisions that […]

Hey Ref! An ‘Official” Q&A

By Barry Faguy Having originally dealt with all the key principles of decision making in treatise form, we carry on the explanations by zeroing in on questions we’ve received over the years.  HEY REF! My opponent slipped and fell and lost her racket in the right front as she made a drop shot there. Just as […]

Hey Ref! An ‘Official’ Q&A

By Barry Faguy HEY REF! What does ‘playing through’ mean? You’ve no doubt heard the old saying: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Well, with ‘playing through,’ the ‘cake’ is the striker’s right to call a let when encountering interference—and the ‘eat it too’ refers to delaying the call until some time […]

Hey Ref! An ‘Official’ Q&A

By Barry Faguy HEY REF! It really gets on my nerves when I have an opponent who takes too long between rallies, either to serve, or to receive serve—especially if they obviously need to catch their breath. I’ve only been told by players that, unlike for tennis, squash does not specify the allowable time to […]