90-Seconds With…

90 Seconds with Cameron Pilley

Cameron Pilley, 32 years old, he grew up in Yamba, New South Wales, next door to his cousin Donna Urquhart; now lives in the Hague, Netherlands, and reached a career high of No. 11 in the world rankings in January 2011. Cameron Pilley: My first tournament was when I was six years old; I first hit a […]

90 Seconds with Jenny Duncalf

Jenny Duncalf, 31 years old, born in Haarlem, Netherlands, but living in Harrogate, England, rose to No. 2 in the world rankings in December 2009 and held that spot for 28 of the next 31 months. Squash Magazine: Describe the first time you played squash. Jenny Duncalf: Exciting and enjoyable. It was when I was […]

90 Seconds With Laurens Anjema

Squash Magazine: Describe the first time you played squash. Laurens Anjema: I loved the sound the ball made on the front wall. It was in the Hague in Holland. My dad was twelve-time national champion and he took me to the court just for fun. And I sort of got addicted to the sound the […]

90 Seconds with Madeline Perry

The first time you played squash, you were… Eleven years old, just at the local swimming pool where there were a couple of squash courts. I played a lot of other sports like football (soccer), tennis, hockey and fancied a go. I remember just being able to hit the ball reasonably well and loving it. […]

90 Seconds With Stephen Coppinger

Squash Magazine: Describe the first time you played squash. Stephen Coppinger: I can’t remember, no idea. Actually have no idea, but it was probably in my living room using a skating board as a tin and a racquet about the size of my forearm. SM: If you weren’t a professional squash player, you would be… […]

90-Seconds With Chris Gordon

What was your welcome to professional squash moment? Playing in Oklahoma City in July and having to walk a mile to get a sandwich in 110 degree heat. It is a one star event and I was 17-years-old. But it’s still my favorite event—I play it every year. Who were your idols growing up? Growing […]

90-Seconds with David Palmer World No. 3

What was your “welcome to professional squash” moment? Playing my first events in South America when I was 17. If I weren’t a squash player, I’d be… On the golf tour. Your idol growing up? Greg Norman and Boris Becker. Favorite place to play a tournament? Bermuda Favorite off-day activity? Watching TV and spending time […]

90-Seconds With James Willstrop

What was your “welcome to professional squash” moment? My earliest memory of this was playing Rodney Eyles in the qualifiers of the British Open when I was about 17. He was an influence on me as a kid and I’d seen him play loads at British Opens in years gone by. I was green as […]

90-Seconds with Julian Illingworth

What was your “welcome to professional squash” moment? Playing David Palmer in the 2nd round of the TOC last year.  I had my assigned 20 minute hit that morning with Amr Shabana, and we were talking and he was giving me some strategy pointers on beating Palmer…he made it sound so easy, but as soon […]