90-Seconds With…

90 Seconds With Chris Binnie

SQUASH MAGAZINE: When was the first time you played squash outside of Jamaica? Chris Binnie: When I was eight or nine, I went to Barbados to play in the Caribbean Individual tournament and got my butt kicked.  SM: What’s the Jamaica squash scene like now compared to when you were a junior? CB: When I was coming up […]

90 Seconds With Andrew Douglas

Squash Magazine: Where does your first national squash title rank among your sporting achievements? Andrew Douglas: Winning nationals was definitely my proudest moment in sport. It felt like the result of a lot of hard work, not just by me, but everyone around me.. SM: How did it feel to achieve Packer Collegiate’s best Boys […]

90 Seconds With Nour El Sherbini

Squash Magazine: What are some things you enjoying doing other than squash? Nour El Sherbini: I love playing tennis and soccer, and going out with my friends. SM: Who are some of your sporting idols? NS: Roger Federer, Amr Shabana and Nicol David SM: What is one thing about you people in the squash world […]

90 Seconds with Mathieu Castagnet

SQUASH MAGAZINE: Describe Yourself in One Word. MATHIEU CASTAGNET: Fighter. SM: What is one thing about you people in the squash world don’t know? MC: I love drinking red wine and smoking cigars. I don’t do it very often; I smoke maybe four cigars per year, which is not a lot. My favorite types of cigars for sure […]

90 Seconds With Olivia Blatchford

You’ve recently spent time training in Scotland, how did you like living abroad? Edinburgh is an amazing city! I was especially lucky as the Fringe festival—the biggest comedy, music, and performance festival in Europe—took place in August. So all throughout the month there were hundreds of shows per day and the city is electric. I […]

90 Seconds With…Campbell Grayson

SM: What do you miss most about New Zealand? CG: I’ve been based in Manhattan for a little over a year. I miss my family and friends. It’s a beautiful country so I miss the scenery; the mountains and beaches, and the sort of laid back and relaxed lifestyle. But I’m enjoying New York right […]

90 Seconds With…Chris Hanson

Squash Magazine: What’s it like being a lefty? Chris Hanson: I’d say it’s pretty awesome. I feel like I have a big advantage over a lot of righties on tour. I have yet to figure out what that advantage actually is and make use of it, but it’s in the works. SM: What’s your greatest […]

90 Seconds With…Nicolas Müller

Squash Magazine: How many languages do you speak? Nicholas Müller: Five or six—Swiss German, German, English, French, I used to speak Latin, I can get by in Spanish, so…seven. SM: Are there certain situations that you use each language? NM: Always. I always pretend to not speak the language, see what they say, then just […]

90 Seconds with…Low Wee Wern

Squash Magazine: How would you explain your name to an American? Is it LowWee Wern, Wee Wern Low, Wee Low Wern, Wern Low Wee? Low Wee: That’s a pretty tough one. Here in Asia, or in the Chinese culture, our last names are in front. Thus my name in Asia is Low Wee Wern. But in […]