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A Look Back: January 2020

[Above] Twenty Years Ago in Squash Magazine  December 1999 and February 2000 Jonathon Power is the only player to appear on a Squash Magazine cover twice in three months. Randall Scott took both photographs. The first article was a reprint and expansion of a profile by Canadian writer Bruce Grierson in Saturday Night magazine; the […]

Local Call: May I Play Through?

Within the close confines of a squash court, physical contact between the players is inevitable. A good percentage of the time, it is incidental and has a negligible effect on play. A player should request a let when there is a legitimate obstruction of access to the ball or ability to hit to the front wall. What […]

Pro-File: Chanel Erasmus

Chanel Erasmus Director of Squash and Head Boys and Girls Coach, The Hill School, Pottstown, PA I was lucky enough to be coached by Mark Allen during my junior career in South Africa. Mark started a stellar junior program at my club in Cape Town. School pride is huge in South Africa. We have a […]

Outside the Glass: Aisling Blake

Outside The Glass, the world’s oldest squash podcast, is now in its fifth season. OTG is a radio show with a new episode dropping at the beginning of each month. OTG episodes, produced by US Squash, are available podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Castro, Overcast, Pocket Casts and  SoundCloud. In episode forty-six, Aisling Blake, the […]

Compounding Time and Pressure

By Richard Millman In the recent FS Investments U.S. Open at Drexel University, the final between Ali Farag and Mohamed ElShorbagy was spectacular, stylish, extreme, athletic, skilled and strategic. It was instructional on many fronts. Time is the commodity in which we chiefly deal in our sport. There are multiple systems and methods of managing […]

Mindhunter: Profiling Squash’s Top Performers at the U.S. Open

by Eric Zillmer Director of Athletics and Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology, Drexel University The 2019 FS Investments U.S. Open Squash Championships, hosted by Drexel University, showed off the sport at its finest. Great crowds, matches, players … and eminent minds? It is easy to appreciate the physical skill of the world’s top players: Amanda Sobhy‘s […]

Doubles: Team Dynamics

By Suzie Pierrepont Can you simply put two players together and expect a good outcome? Team dynamics are complicated. We select partners for various reasons—availability, ability and friendship—all of which are great ways to find a partner. But the success of that partnership depends on a lot more than simply finding the best player you […]