2019 October

Squash-Specific Conditioning

by AJ Lamb, MS, CSCS, PES Supervisor / Senior Exercise Physiologist of Zarett Rehab and Fitness Joe Zarett, Physical Therapist Founder of Zarett Rehab and Fitness As we observe the wide variety of energy requirements seen in sport, we can assume that their corresponding training programs should not be identical. For example, a racket sport […]

The Equation of Squash: Get There to Leave

By Richard Millman The principles of survival in the human race are also the principles of survival for squash. They can be expressed as an equation—a form of algebra. Algebra may not be the most popular topic for reading, but if someone gave you a guaranteed and simple formula for wealth or happiness that couldn’t go […]

Squash Nutrition on the Fly: Strategies to Optimize Nutrition During International Travel

by Nyree Dardarian, Director, Center for Nutrition & Performance, Drexel University During the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, my job was to support the U.S. men’s and women’s squash team nutritionally while they were going for gold. Every aspiring gold medalist has to out-organize their opposition. During competitions overseas, it means preparing and […]

Reasons to Ref

By Hope Prockop Four years ago, my deep dive into refereeing began. I attended a US Squash coaching course where I met some like-minded squash addicts. We shared ideas and best practices on technique, lesson development and match play. The course touched on refereeing, though, and it was just enough to intrigue me. I hadn’t […]

By the Numbers: October 2019

The Top: October 2019

Gold Record

New Players, New Coaches, New Stories: Intercollegiate Squash Preview

Doubles Shot: Women’s and Men’s Professional Doubles Season Preview

by James Zug The Women’s Squash Doubles Association, now entering its thirteenth season, is on an upward trajectory. Parity is the WSDA watchword. On the court, a different team captured each of the six WSDA events last season. Winners include college players like Kayley Leonard and Sabrina Sobhy, as well as forty-somethings like Natalie Grainger. […]