2019 January

Scoreboard Watching

by James Zug Team squash is a core element of the game in the U.S. There are thousands of team matches every winter across the country, running from youthful ones—middle school, high school and collegiate team play— to adults in league play and championships like the Howe Cup. In intercollegiate play last year alone, there […]

Local Call: Backswing Contact

In the small confines of a squash court, it is sometimes unavoidable that incidental contact occurs between a player’s racquet and the opponent. There is a common misconception that contact in the backswing (prior to striking the ball) results in an automatic stroke to the striker. In the event a striker appeals for a let […]

A Look Back January 2019

[Above] Twenty Years Ago in Squash Magazine         January 1999 Mark Lewis, portrayed by Randall Scott, reached the finals of the 1998 National Singles. He worked as the head pro at the Union Boat Club from 1997 until 2003, played on the PSA tour, topping out at world No. 106 and was USOC Athlete of the […]

Hey Ref: January 2019

An “Official” Q&A by Barry Faguy HEY REF Is it true that the PSA decided to eliminate the usual practice of giving only a let (instead of an obvious stroke) when the striker refrains from hitting the non-striker with the ball—specifically in those cases where the ball has first hit the back wall? Yes, it’s […]

2018 Milestones

Fancy a Flutter? Gambling Transforming Pro Squash

By James Zug Gambling on sports has always been a complicated passion. In May 1536 Anne Boleyn was watching tennis at Whitehall Palace when a messenger from King Henry VIII asked her to present herself before the Privy Council where she was arrested. Apparently, Boleyn kept the messenger waiting, as she wanted to see the […]

Have Heart

by Will Carlin In August of 2013, an Egyptian beer magnate, Ahmed Zayat, was in upstate New York to sell a horse. Zayat was attending an auction of one-year-old horses in Saratoga Springs, and he wanted to unload his own yearling and perhaps buy a few others. He was looking to trade up. Knowing that […]

Zarett Rehab & Fitness: Cool It

By AJ Lam, MS, CSCS, PES supervisor & senior exercise physiologist at Zarett Rehab & Fitness and Joseph Zarett, physical therapist and founder of Zarett Rehab & Fitness Post-exercise cooldown is an effective strategy to enhance recovery. All too often athletes find themselves rushing to the showers after a session because they have not allotted […]

The Athletic Benefits of Carbs

At Women in Sports Day during the 2018 FS Investments U.S. Open, a panel discussed elements of how athletes can maintain strong and healthy bodies both during and outside of competition. One of the panelists was Nyree Dardarian (above, center right), MS, RD, CSSD, FAND, LDN, an assistant clinical professor and director of the Center […]