2019 April

Finding Your Focus

By Amy Gross, Peak Performance & Mental Coach, www.pillars4performance.com “Each point I play is in the now moment. The last point means nothing, the next point means nothing.” — Billie Jean King World-class athletes strive to achieve laser-like focus. They live for performances where they’re so dialed in that nothing else exists but them and […]

The Mathamatics of the Fade

By Richard Millman Recently I’ve gotten into doing commentary for the streaming of some of the US Squash’s events. One particular criticism about my commentary has resonated with me. The comment was “Mathematics. What does mathematics got to do with squash?” First and foremost, the preparation of the racquet solicits the subconscious mind to visualize […]

Weak Links: Armoring the Ankle for Squash

By AJ Lamb, MS, CSCS, PES, supervisor and senior exercise physiologist of Zarett Rehab & Fitness and Joe Zarett, physical therapist and founder of Zarett Rehab & Fitness In 2001 a systematic review concluded that 32-58% of all squash injuries occur in the lower extremity. The most frequently injured joint is the ankle (13% to […]

$1 Million: Professional Squash Hits Milestone in Chicago

By James Zug One million. Never in the century-plus history of professional squash had a single tournament offered a seven-digit prize money purse. In the recent past, there had been a smattering of events that upped earnings to record heights (the 2007 men’s and women’s Kuwait Open totaled $250,000; the 2010 men’s World Open in […]

Why Does Squash Make You Happy? Tal Ben-Shahar and Positive Psychology

by James Zug It is enshrined in our nation’s founding document. The big three: life, liberty and happiness. In the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that one of the truths, sacred and undeniable, and one of the rights, inherent and inalienable, was the pursuit of happiness. In the edited final […]

Building the Best: Athlete Development at the Specter Center

[Above: The 2018 US Squash Academy] By Richard Weber The Arlen Specter US Squash Center, scheduled to open in Philadelphia in fall of 2020, will welcome into the squash community players who otherwise would not have access to the sport. The programs run at the Specter Center will serve the four core elements of US […]

Will’s World: The Fine Print

By Will Carlin There is a trope that medical researchers use to explain why it is sometimes impractical or unnecessary to perform a full randomized controlled trial: there’s never been one for parachutes. Such a trial would be silly and unethical because it would involve randomly assigning test subjects either a parachute or a non-working […]