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Twenty Years Ago in Squash Magazine         August-September 1998 In one of the most arresting photographs ever to grace the magazine’s cover, Steve Line’s image of Ong Beng Hee was the visual preview to the 1998 World Juniors at Princeton. Beng Hee did go on to capture the World Juniors that summer, topping Wael El Hindi […]

Local Call: Mental Turning

Anytime the ball passes behind and around a player from backhand to forehand or vice versa—whether or not that player’s body physically spins around to follow the ball—it is considered a turning situation. When a player does not turn towards the backwall but the ball still passes behind him or her, it is colloquially referred […]

Pro-File: Zac Alexander

Zac Alexander: Intensity Squash, Norwalk, CT My main objective as the new director of squash is to build on what Southport Racquet Club has brought over to Intensity, which is a thriving and enthusiastic 150+ adult membership and a passion for the sport and helping each other. My immediate focus though has turned to establishing […]

Outside the Glass Podcast: Sarah Fitz-Gerald

Outside The Glass, the world’s oldest squash podcast, is a radio show with a new episode dropping at the beginning of each month. OTG episodes, produced by US Squash, are available on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.  In episode thirty-one, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, former world No.1, spoke about capturing her first world title in 1996 in Petaling […]

Clean Eating

by Candace Chemtob, MS, RD, LD, CSSD Being committed to healthy eating is a good thing. Combined with exercise it is the foundation of a lifestyle that promotes well-being and reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. While the reasons to eat healthily are many, figuring out how […]

Best-Selling Squash Racquets

By Pierre Bastien. squashsource.com Here’s a peek at some of the best-selling squash racquets of last season, based on sales referred from my squash equipment website to the largest online retailer. Of course this is an extremely narrow slice of the squash equipment market, but it gives us an idea of what’s popular. Dunlop Junior […]

Begin by Asking Why

by Richard Millman I started coaching in 1977 at the Hunter Squash Club in Norwich, the capital city of the county of Norfolk in England. I had attended Gresham’s School, a boarding school in Norfolk, and, while I had gained entry through an academic scholarship, truth be told, I had somewhat lost my way on […]