2018 April

A Look Back: April 2018

by James Zug Twenty Years Ago in Squash Magazine Ivy Pochoda, in a feature written and photographed by Beth Rasin, graced the cover for capturing the national intercollegiate individual title her senior year. After graduating from Harvard in 1998, Pochoda turned pro and moved to London and then Amsterdam. Reaching world No. 38, she played […]

Outside the Glass: Wendy Bartlett

The Midnight Handoff: Wendy Bartlett and Trinity Squash Outside The Glass, the world’s only regular squash podcast, is a radio show with a new episode coming out at the beginning of each month. You can find it at iTunes or SoundCloud.com. Wendy Bartlett is in the midst of her thirty-fourth season as the head women’s […]

Pro-File: Margaret Elias Gerety

Squash on Fire I grew up playing with Julieanne Harris at Philadelphia Cricket Club.  When I began playing, the hardball game was just being phased out. The club did not have any wide courts, so Julie drove me to practice on the only international squash court in town—a converted garage in the back of a […]

Foot Fault? You’re Calling a Foot Fault?

It’s one of the very first things you learn when you begin playing squash. After figuring out about all the confusing lines on the court, you are told to start a point by serving with a foot inside one of the red squares (or red semi-circle in hardball doubles and singles). Although foot-faulting is perhaps […]

Stay Connected: Balance & Focus

By Richard Millman If we are to be successful squash players, the way we carry ourselves as human beings sometimes needs to be countermanded and positively untrained. A certain assumption that most people habitually employ actually opposes the successful conduct of a game of squash. Let me explain by way of a little experiment. Put […]

Doubles: Let the Ball Go

By Suzie Pierrepont I hated squash doubles when I first tried it. I hated the way the ball came off my racquet with no control and the way the ball bounced at the back of the court. I hated how my backhand volley drop would land five feet above the tin or hit the floor, […]

How Gender Roles Impact Performance

By Amy Gross, Peak Performance & Mental Coach Engaging in powerful conversations about gender and athletic performance can be difficult. Gender is an emotionally-charged issue and many people don’t bring it up out of fear of being judged, criticized or misunderstood. As a result, assumptions are made or the topic is avoided all together. This […]

What’s in Your Bag?

By Pierre Bastien, squash equipment blogger at squashsource.com Usually in this column we cover the big-ticket squash equipment items such as racquets and shoes. But recently, I started thinking about just how many other things we carry around in our squash bags. I have a nine-racquet Tecnifibre bag. It is roomy enough to accommodate all […]

Fasting Diets

By Candace Chemtob Dieting is a national obsession. Each year more than forty-five million Americans embark on a weight-loss diet. Athletes are not immune to the pressures to attain an “ideal” weight. After all, performance benefits are associated with increased lean body mass and lower levels of body fat. Weight loss, however, can have unintended […]