2017 October

Boost Your Brain Power With Squash

By Candace Chemtob Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body and your overall health. Being physically active can reduce the odds of stroke, diabetes, cancer and heart disease, giving us more than enough reasons to push ourselves on the court. But did you know that physical activity can also improve your brain […]

Squash Racquet Nitty-Gritty

by Pierre Bastien When you’re just getting started in squash, picking a racquet is often as simple as finding one in your price range and going with it. But as your game improves, you’ll probably start to consider what you like or don’t like about your current racquet. When you invest in your next racquet, […]

Local Call: See Something, Say Something?

“Did you see that?” “Did you hear that?” Although at many tournaments, crowd reactions—ooohs and aahhs, cheers and shouts of encouragement—are commonplace and players are expected to play through extra noise, this is not always the case when it is the opponent who creates the distraction. The most common instances are in the middle of […]

Sneaking in: Coach Paul Selby Tells About How He Started Playing Squash

Outside The Glass, the world’s leading squash podcast, is a radio show with a new episode coming out at the beginning of each month. Paul Selby is the longtime English coach, director of Off The Wall Squash and father of three world-ranked players. In episode six, he told Outside The Glass about his unorthodox introduction […]

Twenty Years of Squash Magazine

US Squash Academy Trains Future American Champions

by Chris McClintick It was the middle of July, and Roger Federer’s voice echoed down the hallway from the Tansill classroom in Trinity College’s Ferris Athletic Center. Six prospective American squash professionals listened intently as the US Squash Academy classroom session led off with a YouTube clip. The Swiss tennis legend was reflecting on his […]

Squash Saved My Life

By Stephen Weber In high school I started sports in courts with a little tennis, and while in college in Minnesota, I picked up handball. When I was twenty-eight, my econometrics professor in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) introduced me to squash. We played at the newly-built Nielson Tennis Stadium. I have […]

Will’s World: The Fade

By Will Carlin Ten years ago, I had a conversation with James Willstrop—the future number one player in the world. James explained how hard it is for spectators to really understand a squash match between top pros, that the game had so many levels of subtlety that even good players don’t really see all the […]

My Heart’s Beating Like A Rabbit: Racquet Sports in Film

By James Zug Cinematically, racquet sports are mostly used as a metaphor. The scenes reveal a character’s physical prowess and mental strength or a power struggle between protagonists. Or it is simply about making someone seem like a hapless, ham-handed buffoon. This is easy. Actors are almost always awkwardly uncoordinated. They probably came firmly down […]