2017 June

Most Popular Squash Shoes of 2016

by Pierre Bastien Most Popular Squash Shoes of 2016 In the previous issue of Squash Magazine, we looked at the most popular squash rackets of last year. Now let’s round things out by looking at the most popular squash shoes of 2016. Just because a shoe is popular doesn’t mean it will be right for […]

A Warrior Never Discards His Weapon: Joey Barrington Talks About Jonah Barrington

Outside The Glass, the world’s leading squash podcast, is a radio show with a new episode coming out at the beginning of each month. In episode four, Joey Barrington, the lead commentator for SquashTV and former world No. 24, spoke about his father, six-time British Open champion Jonah Barrington. Outside The Glass When you were […]

Local Call: Give Me a Break

The summer months are upon us, but diehard squash fans won’t be too far away from a squash court. As temperatures rise outside, courts can get warmer. This can make for long, grueling rallies and sometimes a player might look for a breather. It’s worth noting that a player is not allowed to step off […]

Squash Boasts: 2017 HEAD U.S. High School Team Champions

The Top: Combined Rankings of Couples on PSA World Tour

By The Numbers: June 2017

Setting a Personal Squash Development Plan

By Richard Millman If you are a squash player who wants to challenge yourself, a good idea is to adopt a Personal Squash Development Plan (or PSDP). Before you can establish your plan, there are a number of questions that will affect the type and scale of plan that you adopt: what are your goals? […]

David Palmer on Coaching

By Steve Crandall Vice President, Sales & Marketing Ashaway Racket Strings I was delighted to learn last fall that David Palmer had been named head squash coach at Cornell. Palmer is unquestionably one of the best technicians to ever play the game. I wondered how he would adapt his talents to teaching in a college […]

The Social Comparison Trap

By Amy Gross, Peak Performance & Mental Coach We all know the social comparison game. We fall into the trap of evaluating our skills and progress by how we stack up against others. We rely on external sources to validate our self-worth. While you cannot completely escape social comparisons, you can practice implementing strategies that […]