2016 October

Lighting Up Blue

By Will Carlin Rich Furman likes to fish. An architect by trade, Rich is a fifty-something squash coach with grey eyes that sometimes turn piercing blue, a ponytail and goatee, and a very lean build that serves him well both on the squash court and on the deck of a fishing boat. In the northeast, […]

Local Call: Order in the Court

With team league season upon us, it’s a great time to remind captains and players that there is no more important rule than keeping the integrity of your lineup intact. Essentially this means you cannot record a default at the top or middle of the lineup. If your No. 1 player can’t make it to […]

SPAtlight: Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas: Santa Barbara Athletic Club I learned to play in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I remember sitting in awe between Geoff Hunt and Jahangir Khan in what was then the Salisbury Sport Club locker room before they teed off on each other. Then after my family immigrated to rural Pennsylvania squash was no longer […]

A Look Back October 2016

Fifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine November 2001 Amy Boytz, the managing editor, wrote a long profile of the pioneering Seattle coach Yusuf Khan as he announced his retirement. He turned eighty-six in August. He still loves to go down to the courts and watch and talk squash and coach and he spends time with […]

By The Numbers October 2016

The Top October 2016

HEY REF An “Official” Q & A by Barry Faguy

HEY REF I’ve heard the term “wrong footing” used with interference situations. What are we supposed to do when it happens? We often see this issue of wrong footing misinterpreted and wind up with unfair decisions. The term wrong footing describes a situation where the striker mistakenly takes the wrong path to get to the […]

Top Fifty: The Most Intriguing and Influential People of 2016

The third-annual Top Fifty* comes to you with a twist. Despite the heavy historical weight of a few cities and regions, squash has, for well more than a half century, been a national game. After the last state without a court—Arkansas—put one in Bentonville in 2001, you could play in every state in the Union. […]

Breaking Through: Conditioned Games

Players frequently limit their opponents to those of similar skill. However, conditioned games are a great way to level the playing field between competitors of varying levels of experience. Conditioned games place restrictions on what each player can do on court—a classic example is three-quarter court. Each example provided below applies to players with a […]