2016 May

Composition of Pasta .

Understanding Carbs: Maximizing Performance

by Candace H. Chemtob, MS, RD, LD, CSSD As discussed in last month’s article, carbohydrates are the preferred fuel of high intensity sports. Popular fad diets, such as Paleo, Grain Brain, or gluten free diets, promote low carbohydrate diets. When dietary carbohydrates are limited, athletic performance is compromised. Winning eating strategies strive to increase “carbohydrate […]

Staying Alive

By Will Carlin Frenchman Mathieu Castagnet was tired. His opponent, Englishman Daryl Selby, knew this, and so perhaps he can be forgiven for being certain he’d won a point during a second-round match at the Windy City Open in Chicago. He just didn’t count on Castagnet pulling off one of the greatest recoveries of all […]

John Murphy (l) and Mark Funk on location as they film Behind the Glass, a new documentary about urban squash.

New Squash Documentary Takes a Look Behind the Glass

By James Zug Camera crews often come to film at urban squash programs. Usually they are making a short segment for local television. It is pretty common. George Polsky, the founder and executive director of StreetSquash, counted twenty different crews that visited his program. The twenty-first has stayed. Archimedia Films is making a feature-length documentary […]

Kevin Klipstein, Tefft Smith and Charlie Baker;

Merion Says Farewell to Hardball Singles

By James Zug In February, the U.S. National Hardball Singles Championships had a successful farewell as a national championship at Merion Cricket Club. Eighty-one players from around the continent came to Philadelphia to play with the Slazenger fuchsia ball in the eighteen-and-a-half-foot-wide court. The draws contained some classic hardball names—Davenport, Edwards, Pearson—as well as a […]

Nour El Sherbini celebrated her breakthrough win at the 2016 Allam British Open.

A Historic Wimbledon of Squash

By James Zug Kingston upon Hull, the East Yorkshire port town, has a delightful old district along the harbor: narrow, cobblestoned streets, ancient pubs, a museum about slavery in the Georgian home of William Wilberforce. On the other side of town, in West Hull, is KC Stadium where Hull FC, the rugby league team, and […]

Cathedral Hall, with its stained glass windows, was the site of the
2016 Windy City Open.

Take the Elevator: The Windy City Soars to New Heights

by James Zug A couple of indelible images from the 2016 Windy City Open remain in the squash frontal lobe. The “I don’t believe it, that is a joke, an absolute joke,” sequence at 7-5 in the fourth game of Mathieu Castagnet & Daryl Selby’ s second-round match. If you are a reader of this […]

Ahmed Abdel Khalek successfully defended his championship, stopping a determined Roysei Kobayashi.

CSA Individuals Herald End of Egyptian Eras

by Dent Wilkens Photography by Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com Kanzy El Defrawy and Ahmed Abdel Khalek entered the College Individuals Nationals with the weight of expectation squarely on their shoulders. Both players were seniors slated to graduate this spring, and were capping two of the most successful college careers in the past decade. The tournament, held […]

2012, 2015 and 2016 U.S. Women's Champion Amanda Sobhy

Paving the Way

by Chris McClintick Amanda Sobhy has reached the finals of six of the past seven U.S. Women’s Championships. Her third national title this March marked was her second as a full-time professional squash player and her first as a professional supported by the US Squash Elite Athlete Program. The week leading into the National Singles […]


Two For the Ages

by Bill Buckingham Not only does seventy-four-year-old Jay Nelson clearly recall winning his first championship in any sport—the 1954 little league title in Saugus, MA, as a second baseman and pitcher—he also remembers many of the sixteen players he struck out hurling a perfect game at the age of twelve. While thirteen-year-old Marina Stefanoni’s recollection […]