2016 May

90 Seconds With Andrew Douglas

Squash Magazine: Where does your first national squash title rank among your sporting achievements? Andrew Douglas: Winning nationals was definitely my proudest moment in sport. It felt like the result of a lot of hard work, not just by me, but everyone around me.. SM: How did it feel to achieve Packer Collegiate’s best Boys […]

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By the Numbers: May 2016

SPA-tlight: Lyall Paterson

Lyall Paterson: Head Coach, Scozzie Squash, King of Prussia, PA I was born and raised in a small town called Stonehaven, in the North of Scotland, the same region as Peter Nicol. In the summer of 1997, aged nine, I was asked for a game of ‘squash’ by my next door neighbor and best friend. […]

Squash Racquets for Children

by Pierre Bastien One of the squash equipment questions I get most often is some variation of, “Which squash racquet should I buy for my child?” Honestly, this question has always stumped me. When I review squash racquets, I’m usually thinking about how it will play for adults. After all, I’m an adult myself. Or […]

The Importance of Player Contracts for Parents and Juniors

by Mitchell Greene, Ph.D., Sport Psychologist The biggest change in my sport psychology practice from ten years ago to now is the number of requests I receive to work with squash players twelve and younger. They are, for the most part, highly ranked, very well adjusted, and excited to practice and compete. Yet, with the […]

Single Leg Strength Training for Squash – Part III

by Damon Leedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist In the previous article we looked at two exercises that provide a great starting point for single leg strength training – the split squat, and the one leg bench or ‘Bulgarian’ split squat. They are both considered ‘in place’ exercises in that once the feet are set […]

Hey Ref: An “Official” Q & A

by Barry Faguy HEY REF! Sometimes I get stuck reffing a match with seemingly endless calls. Is there any way to cut down those numbers? That’s a very topical question, and this longer-than-average answer is far too short. Indeed, for the past few years, the professional organizations have been urging Referees to make decisions that […]

It’s Not a Stretch

by Jeremy Mayer, US Squash National Team Sports Physiologist Stretching is a term that most people associate with gym class or playing sports as a kid. As a group you would hold, count to ten and then move on to the next tortuously boring and sometimes downright painful position. The butterfly, reaching for the toes […]