2016 February

90 Seconds With Nour El Sherbini

Squash Magazine: What are some things you enjoying doing other than squash? Nour El Sherbini: I love playing tennis and soccer, and going out with my friends. SM: Who are some of your sporting idols? NS: Roger Federer, Amr Shabana and Nicol David SM: What is one thing about you people in the squash world […]

A Look Back

Fifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine February 2001 Michelle Quibell adorned the cover for winning the U.S. Junior Open GU19 title and for beating Kasey Brown in the finals of the British Junior Open GU17. At Yale, Quibell clinched two national individual intercollegiate titles and led the Eli to three national team titles. After graduating […]


“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won” – Winston Churchill In the last 25 years, squash in the US has experienced two major shifts. These shifts have resulted in a massive and difficult change physically, and perhaps more significantly, a change in the mindset of the squash community. The two interrelated shifts are the transition from the […]

SquashBond Promotes Bonds of Friendship in Israel

By James Zug It sounds deceptively simple. Put two kids in a squash court and let them play. Nothing is simple in Israel. History, religion, politics impinge—disruptively—on every aspect of life. “Back in 2012, I was talking with Variv Bloomberg at a tournament and we got the idea of trying to help kids in Israel,” […]

Travel to My Hometown: Dublin

by Aisling Blake Dubliners are genuine and warm. Get out and chat to the locals and you won’t be disappointed. There are two squash clubs where people can pay to play: the Carr Golf Centre at Spawell and the De La Salle Sports Centre. I go running on Sandymount beach, biking in Phoenix Park, down […]

How to be a Good Squash Parent: A Look at New Books

By James Zug The Winning Parent: A Parent’s Guide for the Journey of Competitive Sport—A System for Winning Now and Forever with Your Children in Sport By Daniel Massaro (New York: Mairs & Shaw Publishing, 2015) Last year Danny Massaro published this important book about parenting and sports. A Brit in his early forties, Massaro […]

Have Racquet, Will Travel: Mike Lewis Vagabond Squash Pro

Local Call: Any Ball Will Do

‘Does this match count?’ As squash becomes more accessible to more players across the world we are beginning to see a variety in playing standards and a variety in playing environments. Players should note that whether you are using a double dot ball, an altitude ball or a blue dot (beginner’s ball) then your match […]

Breaking Through the Levels: Sean Wilkinson

Princeton University Head Coach Sean Wilkinson breaks down what it takes to go from college captain to assistant coach, and from an assistant coach to head coach. Captain Earning the opportunity to be a captain at the collegiate level is a big deal. Being a captain is not a right or a resume builder, it […]