2016 August

Seven Regions One Team

By Bill Buckingham “This should be the most fun weekend of the squash year. You will ultimately play for the U.S. somewhere along the way, and there is nothing better than that.” With those words, Ganek Family National Team Coach Paul Assaiante welcomed players to the third-annual Regional Team Championships at Yale University in New […]

Maria Toorpakai—The Squash Pro Who Became a Media Star

By James Zug A Different Kind of Daughter: The Girl Who Hid from the Taliban in Plain Sight By Maria Toorpakai with Katharine Holstein (Twelve, 2016) Within the squash world, it was well-known that Maria Toorpakai had a special story. She had been a promising junior, the first woman to come out of the great […]

Tennessee, Tennessee, Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be

By John Branston Squash lovers, like stock pickers, are prone to be overly bullish. As a squash evangelist and former card-carrying, trend-spotting reporter, I have forecast seven of the last two surges in squash in my home state of Tennessee. But this time is different. Elvis played racquetball, on his own court at Graceland, right […]

Serious Solo

By Richard Millman The summer is upon us, and now is the time to really get ahead of the competition. Solo practice is one of the least utilized and most valuable training regimes. It is also one of those forms of improvement that often leads to negative attitudes as players lose their way after just […]

Injury Prevention: Mobility Prerequisites for Playing Squash

by Jeremy Mayer, U.S. National Team Physiologist Although squash is enjoyed by athletes of all ages, the majority are doing so with an increased risk of injury. This is a result of not meeting the necessary prerequisites to the movements present in the sport. Just like in school or the corporate world, there are basic […]

Expat Entrepreneurs Open Shop Stateside

Lighting the Way: A New Solution for Squash Court Lights By James Zug It started about seven years ago when Lee Witham and his wife Jihyeong (everyone calls her JiJi) decided to build a weekend home in upstate New York. Working early from scratch, they ambitiously decided to build a net-zero energy house. It wasn’t […]

The Benefits of Caffeine

by Candace Chemtob Ninety percent of us are habitual coffee drinkers and can’t imagine starting the day without our morning cup. This love affair with coffee, and other caffeinated beverages, is deeply rooted and is traces back more than a millennia when a goat herder noticed his herd became energized after eating red berries (later […]

Hey Ref! An Official Q&A

By Barry Faguy Having originally dealt with all the key principles of decision making in treatise form, we carry on the explanations by zeroing in on questions we’re received over the years. HEY REF When interference situations come up, I’ve often heard justifications of the decision using the words “every effort”—but what does that really […]

Breaking Through the Levels: Balls

by Bill Buckingham Can using a different ball increase your enjoyment of the game? To find out, US Squash staffers Bill Buckingham and Chris McClintick, erstwhile 3.5 level players, use five different balls during their weekly match. Like most ball manufacturers, Dunlop offers a wide range of ball options, designed to make the game fun […]