2015 October

The Maestro Moves On

By James Zug Amr Shabana was never absurdly dominant. The Maestro wasn’t like Jahangir Khan going five and a half years without a loss, or Heather McKay not losing a game in sixteen years. Shabana won one match in five and another in four en route to his last major, the 2014 Tournament of Champions. Even in his prime, it was so. In Bermuda […]

Look Sharp: A Rejection of Game Ball

By James Zug Take yourself back to the 1961 National Singles. The men are playing at Penn. In the quarters Charlie Ufford faces his former Harvard classmate Dave Watts. They are old friends and former teammates. They play together in New York. Ufford has almost always won—he played No. 1 and Watts No. 2 when they were at Harvard—and Watts has just one real […]

The Small-World Network of Squash

By Michael Kearns and Ryan Rayfield Not all social networks are built in front of glowing monitors with a Mountain Dew and a bag of Cheetos at hand. There are some social networks in which participation is outright good for your health—like squash. Using tools from the emerging field of network science we will investigate […]

Importance of Physical Therapy in Sports

By Joe Zarett, MPT The importance of physical therapy in sports can never be overstated. Sports physical therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment/rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically-active individual. Here are three of the major benefits of physical therapy: 1. SPORTS INJURY REHABILITATION My patients are often fearful that […]

2015 Dunlop Squash Racquets

By Pierre Bastien, Squash Equipment Blogger at squashsource.com As the squash season gets underway, let’s take a look at six new designs from Dunlop that you’ll probably see around the courts in 2015-2016. Dunlop Force Evolution For 2015, Dunlop has updated both of the racquets in their Evolution series. Nick Matthew and Alison Waters have […]

Youth is Served

This issue, three young ladies from the Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia, PA, have wrestled the “Breaking through the Levels”column away from the Professionals to discuss drills, extra training, improving mental toughness, and lessons they have learned while competing and “Breaking through the Age Divisions”! U13 by Linsay Burnham It was 10-3 in the 5th […]

Sports Parents – A Guide From Your Kids

By Damon Leedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist As both a coach and parent, the motivation to write this article came from the observations of sports parents’ behavior (good and bad) at squash events and at other sports that my son participates in. I am sure we are all too familiar with the ‘nightmare sports […]

Hey Ref! An ‘Official’ Q&A

By Barry Faguy HEY REF! What does ‘playing through’ mean? You’ve no doubt heard the old saying: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Well, with ‘playing through,’ the ‘cake’ is the striker’s right to call a let when encountering interference—and the ‘eat it too’ refers to delaying the call until some time […]

Two-Ball Feeds – A Wonderful World of Practices for Three Players

By Richard Millman If you are working on your game and you have a couple of friends who are just as enthusiastic, two-ball feed drills are a marvelous discipline to help move your game forward. As the name suggests two balls are used, one on the right side and one on the left. One player […]