2015 June

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Astronomers recently discovered a galaxy that is thirty billion light-years away. For the non-scientists, a light-year is 5.8 trillion miles. You can try to do the math.However, it’s a lot of zeros and, therefore, from a long time ago (thirteen billion years). Perhaps it’s easier to get one’s head around what can happen in just […]

Editor’s Note

By Jay D. Prince It’s a given: we never really appreciate something until it’s gone. For squash players, that experience usually comes when we are injured. For just the second time in my thirty years of playing, I’m on the shelf; this time due to back surgery that I managed to outrun for the last […]

Ken Torrey Retires From Columbia

By Nell Schwed After forty-two years at Columbia University, Ken Torrey retires as associate athletics director for physical education in June of this year. Torrey’s tenure was celebrated this April at the annual end of season banquet for Columbia’s squash program. Torrey was the first head coach of Columbia’s club squash team—which he helped to […]

The Top: Pan Am Games Squash Medals

By the Numbers: Ramy Ashour May 2014—May 2015

90 Seconds With…Chris Hanson

Squash Magazine: What’s it like being a lefty? Chris Hanson: I’d say it’s pretty awesome. I feel like I have a big advantage over a lot of righties on tour. I have yet to figure out what that advantage actually is and make use of it, but it’s in the works. SM: What’s your greatest […]

Book Review: Play Better Squash by John Beddington

By James Zug Forty-one years ago John Beddington wrote a tiny paperback squash manual, Play Better Squash, which was published in London by Queen Anne Press (the publishing house that Ian Fleming ran; perhaps the reason there is no squash in the James Bond books or films is that Fleming died before Play Better Squash?). […]

Squash Boast: 2015 U.S. Junior Silver & Bronze Winners

Travel To My Hometown

GEORGETOWN By Nicolette Fernandes We now have two public squash courts at the National Racquet Center which is great for anyone on a short-term visit. If you’re on more of a long-term stay, I would encourage anyone to join the Georgetown Club, which is the home of the Guyana Squash Association. That’s where I started […]