2015 December

An Athlete’s Guide to Dining Out

By Candace H. Chemtob, MS, RD, LD, CSSD Americans love dining out. It has become part of our lifestyle. One quarter of meals are now eaten outside the home (National Restaurant Association, 2014). And this year, for the first time Americans spent more money eating out than on groceries. But unfortunately, most restaurants focus on the taste […]

Women’s Squash Week Spurs Record Participation

Playing Squash to One Hundred: Fantasy or Reality?

by Robert P. Mosier Is there anything an aging squash player can do to improve the odds of being on the court or even a national champion at age 100? With average life expectancy continually edging up, it is an interesting question to ponder. A study group of squash players, who call themselves the “PS100” […]

Zyex Squash String Design and Performance

By Steve Crandall, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Ashaway Racket Strings In this and the next column we’re doing for the February issue, I’d like to connect the dots between two major raw materials used in squash strings—nylon and Zyex®—and the performance of the string designs that result. Think of it as a kind of ‘what can you […]

Learning from the Best

By Peter Nicol MBE, www.squashskills.com I am in the lucky position of dealing with the best coaches and players in the world while arranging and filming content for Squashskills.com. Prior to filming, I go through the content the coaches/players want to convey and package these into segments that work best for the platform. During this process I […]


Celia Allamargot Head Squash Coach, Sacred Heart Greenwich, Greenwhich CT There are quite a few differences between squash here in the U.S. and in France.The first one that comes to my mind is between turning pro or going to college. In France, every top junior wants to become a professional and play on the tour as soon as […]

Don’t Blame the Ball

There is often some confusion around when, if at all, a ball can be replaced in the middle of a match. It’s not uncommon in league matches or tournament play for a ball to be used multiple matches in a row. As you all know, by this time the ball that was once black, bouncy and with plenty of grip […]

Travel to my Hometown

By Gregory Gaultier My club is Set Squash Aix-en-Provence. It’s a bit outside the city. It has eighteen tennis courts, twelve squash courts, four paddle courts, three swimming pools, two restaurants and one golf course. It’s an amazing club. What I like in Aix-en-Provence is that you can do everything walking. There are a lot of streets with no […]

90 Seconds with Mathieu Castagnet

SQUASH MAGAZINE: Describe Yourself in One Word. MATHIEU CASTAGNET: Fighter. SM: What is one thing about you people in the squash world don’t know? MC: I love drinking red wine and smoking cigars. I don’t do it very often; I smoke maybe four cigars per year, which is not a lot. My favorite types of cigars for sure […]