2015 December

The Remarkable Spectacle of Squash

Five years ago, when US Squash started operating the Delaware Investments U.S. Open “in-house”, we did so based on the advice of marketing experts. “Make the U.S. Open HUGE” and “Get squash on TV!” were the two most common refrains from those we spoke with in the field. Each year we have added one more day of capacity crowds at the Daskalakis Athletic Center, […]

Good Literary Length: Three New Books

Good Literary Length: Three New Books By James Zug Trading Secrets: Squash Greats Recall Their Toughest Duels Rod Gilmour (Durrington, England: Pitch Publishing, 2015) Oral history books are notoriously unreliable. What one person remembers might not jib with the facts, and memories tend to fade and rust over time. But oral histories also draw you, […]

The Open Story

  by James Zug Parity is the watchword at the Delaware Investments United States Open. Two years ago, the national championship became the first major in the squash world to have equal prize money for men and women. Ironically, one of the complaints during the move to parity in 2013, among some hidebound conservatives, was […]

The Top: Coaches of National Intercollegiate Team Champions

What They Used at the Open

By Pierre Bastien, squash equipment blogger at squashsource.com

Breaking Through the Levels

By Chris Hanson, US Elite Performance Program Member and World No. 84 While many adult and junior players consistently work on their game, trying to “break through to the next level”, only an elite few reach the upper echelons of the sport. Chris Hanson is one of those players, and in this issue he reflects on levels […]

Single Leg Strength for Squash

By Damon Leeedale-Brown, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Specialist Single leg strength is essential to improving speed, balance and movement in squash. Many strength programs place too heavy a focus on double-leg exercises such as squats and leg presses, or other non-functional machine weight exercises such as leg extensions and curls. While squats can provide a great foundation and start point to developing […]

Hey Ref! An ‘Official” Q&A

By Barry Faguy Having originally dealt with all the key principles of decision making in treatise form, we carry on the explanations by zeroing in on questions we’ve received over the years.  HEY REF! My opponent slipped and fell and lost her racket in the right front as she made a drop shot there. Just as […]

Psychological Strategy – The Key to the Game

By Richard Millman As I have said before in this column, it is my belief that currently, we are still in the very early stages of development of this wonderful sport of ours. In my program, ‘The Millman Experience,’ I am wont to tell many and varied anecdotes in illustration of the points that I try to get across […]