2014 March

From US Squash

By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer Modern photography traces its roots back 1,000 years to an Iraqi inventor who managed to project an outside image on the inside of a tent, upside down. Not until the late 1800’s did true photography become portable, allowing for more flexibility in what the photographer shot. […]

Editor’s Note

One of the key components of magazines and newspapers has always been the use of photography. For some, looking at the images, along with their captions, replaces the need to actually read the stories. For others, those same images enhance the experience and complete the story. In either case, the use of lighting, composition and […]

Your Serve March 2014

Paul Moses’ heart is in the right place, but if he really believes that he can talk about urban squash programs and “…abandon references to prep schools and Ivy League teams…” then he seriously misunderstands the central mission of most, if not all, of these programs. He need look no further than the excellent December WSJ profile of Reyna […]

The Top: Winningest Man in Grand Slam History

By the Numbers March 2014

90 Seconds With Stephen Coppinger

Squash Magazine: Describe the first time you played squash. Stephen Coppinger: I can’t remember, no idea. Actually have no idea, but it was probably in my living room using a skating board as a tin and a racquet about the size of my forearm. SM: If you weren’t a professional squash player, you would be… […]

Tweets of the Month March 2014

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SPA-tlight: Mark Allen

Mark Allen, Director of squash at Boar’s Head Sports Club, Coach of UVA squash teams  What is your first squash memory? Growing up in Colchester, Essex, in England, my first memory of squash is playing with my dad at the local leisure center with a wooden racquet, dead ball and concrete floors. It’s really a wonder that I kept going! […]

Squash Boasts Squash Professionals Finding Success Outside of the Club

Squash Professionals Finding Success Outside of the Club Charlie Johnson, Bay Club, San Francisco, CA Originally from Stortford, England, Charlie has been playing squash for seven years and has worked at the Bay Club for the past ten months. Aside from winning the 6.0 draw of the Bay Club Championships, Charlie also won the 6.0 draw of the Latitude 38 Group Open […]