2014 January

From US Squash

By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer Fifty years have now passed since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the first and only squash-playing U.S. President. Kennedy once said, “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” While the world collectively struggles […]

Editor’s Note

By Jay D. Prince, Editor in Chief The U.S. Junior Open never ceases to amaze me. The event has grown into the world’s largest junior championship, and the quality of play continues to improve dramatically year after year—but not just because the event is drawing an ever-growing contingent of foreign players. There was a time when […]

Your Serve January 2014

Like most people who love squash, I watched the three-sport competition for Olympic inclusion with great interest. I was disappointed in the result but fascinated with the complexity of the presentations. Squash did well but the fact that it has twice consecutively failed to gain acceptance shows that the sport’s message has to be further refined. There are […]

The Top: All-time longest match-winning streaks in women’s professional squash

By The Numbers January 2014: US Junior Open Edition

Ryan Lewis Departs Squash Magazine

Thirteen years ago, Ryan Lewis walked into the Squash Magazine offices in Seattle in a coat and tie, trying not to break into a sweat, while hoping to find a job doing administrative work. He was professional, prepared and confident while selling his ability to do whatever the magazine could throw his way. It took a matter of minutes to offer him the […]

What’s In Your Bag? Todd Harrity

Mark Sachvie (1956-2013)

A respected, well-liked leader and mentor to many, Mark Sachvie died suddenly of a heart attack while attending Adrian Dudzicki’s memorial service at the National Squash Academy on November 30. Sachvie’s impact reached all levels of North American squash. As one of Canada’s premier event organizers and builders of squash, he hosted over 220 squash tournaments during his illustrious career and […]

SPA-tlight: Nigel Thain

Nigel Thain, Squash Pro at Philadelphia Country Club, Philadelphia, PA Where did you grow up? I grew up in Ottawa, Canada, and moved to the United States in 1995 to be the Assistant Squash Professional at the Chatham Club in New Jersey. When and why did you start playing squash? I started playing squash a bit when […]