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By Kevin Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer The 2005 Annual Meeting of the Members took place during Nationals at Harvard—I was three months into the job, and there were five of us total (an official quorum is twenty-five). The average age of the members in attendance was approximately sixty-seven. Undeterred, the four members proceeded to […]

Editor’s Note

By Jay D. Prince, Editor in Chief My first U.S. Open, in the fall of 1998, was held in a Minneapolis Athletic Club gymnasium with about five rows of seating and around fifty spectators for the final. The focal point was a portable “perspex” court that looked like it was always on the verge of collapse […]

Your Serve December 2014

Your So-Called Top 50 List Having played squash competitively for forty years, I was amazed to see some of your selections for the so-called “top 50 list.” It is unfortunate that your list seems to be based more on who has money or who toots their own horn rather than on those who have labored for […]

The Top Women’s National Closed Singles Winners Hometowns

By the Numbers: Comparison between 1954 and 2014 U.S. Opens

90 Seconds with Cameron Pilley

Cameron Pilley, 32 years old, he grew up in Yamba, New South Wales, next door to his cousin Donna Urquhart; now lives in the Hague, Netherlands, and reached a career high of No. 11 in the world rankings in January 2011. Cameron Pilley: My first tournament was when I was six years old; I first hit a […]

A Look Back December 2014

Fifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine November 1999 Cassie Jackman Campion Thomas appeared on the cover after winning the 1999 Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz Women’s World Championships, having previously lost twice in the final. The event was in Seattle, the first time an adult world championship was played in the U.S. Thomas, and her Australian husband […]

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